2015 Winner Category “Tourism and Local Gastronomy”

The Jeseníky Mountains are the second highest mountain range in the country. People come here for nature, as well as for its beneficial power in spas, they look for local historical sites, technical monuments and fascinating stories. And they explore. Also the local gastronomy, among other things. And believe that there is a lot to explore! If there were not, Jeseníky would not have won the EDEN competition and would not have become one of the European Destinations of Excellence in the category of Tourism and Local Gastronomy.

Taste Jeseníky

At the time of globalization, the journey to sustainable tourism in the field of gastronomy is very simple – respecting the specific features of the region, local ingredients, local gastronomic traditions, promotion of local producers and farmers, which means otherness, distinctiveness and originality. And that is what they understand in Jeseníky and they meet visitors half way with the Taste Jeseníky project. Restaurants that participate in the project have to include traditional recipes on their menus, coming from native Jeseníky cooks, and use at least one ingredient from local producers in their meals. Thanks to that, the project offers a representative and a very wide range of pubs and restaurants, as well as prominent breeders, growers and producers who are located in the Jeseníky Mountains, as well as organic food, product and ingredient shops. Another reliable guideline is the Original Product of Jeseníky project, which certifies the highest quality among local products, including the ones related to food and beverages.

Silesian heavenly kingdom

And where can you taste Jeseníky? You can start in the restaurant that holds the title of the Best Gastronomic Facility in the Olomouc Region – the guesthouse of Kovárna in the village of Lipová-lázně where you can have duck with chestnut stuffing, beef with wine, gingerbread and smoked carrots, or home-made cottage cheese dumplings with blueberries and roasted breadcrumbs. Exceptional care is given to regional ingredients and old recipes in Restaurace 1837 in the Priessnitz Sanatorium in Jeseník. You can taste the Silesian Heavenly Kingdom there, a delicacy made from smoked meat and dried fruit.
The Bozeňov Restaurant in Dolní Bušínov organizes trout and rib festivals. In Javorník, the Taverna Hotel invites you to try their pork ribs, in Ostrožná the Andromeda Hotel offers Ramzová pork medallions, or polenta with honey from Zlaté Hory and nuts, and you will find traditional meals in the highest Czech restaurant, the Praděd Hotel in the transmitter. A potato soup with speck, a rabbit leg with mashed potatoes and spring onions - those are specialities offered by the U Slona Restaurant in Dolní Morava, the Letní lázně Restaurant in Karlova Studánka prepares Praděd’s Ear from pork. In the Arte Restaurant in Šumperk you can have pork cheeks with porter and mushrooms. There are interesting game and fish meals prepared in the Hotel Diana Wellness in Velké Losiny. In the Kolštejn Restaurant in Branná, You should definitely have the speck dumplings and the local Bran beer they brew there. The list is long – you can check it out at
However, when in Jeseníky, you should definitely try the beer made in the breweries, such as Zlosin, Hasič, Sobotín and Holba, local jams and fruit spreads, pumpkin spread, goat milk products, the Jeseník chocolate, home-made muffins and gluten-free cakes, rosehip wine, honey, the hard cheese Roztomilák, Jesenická bylinná and Domašovská hořká - both liquors, the fruit ciders, syrups and vinegars from Rychleby, or the spa wafers.