Head to Cheb for medieval romance!

The West Bohemian city of Cheb is one of the oldest and historically most valuable Czech cities. It is also a place that witnessed one of the greatest conspiracies in Czech history. Due to the large number of magnificently preserved historical sites and its unique medieval atmosphere, Cheb is one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic.

The city’s history is inextricably linked with the figure of Albrecht von Wallenstein, who remains one of the most controversial figures in Czech and European history. The merchant, politician and military commander gradually worked his way to becoming one of the most powerful personalities in Europe in his time. His power began to reach such proportions that even the emperor feared him. Based on unsubstantiated charges of an attempted power grab, he had him assassinated. It happened in 1634 in the Pachelbel House on Cheb’s main square. Today you can see an exhibition here on the life and death of this important army general.

A historical city centre where it is a joy to sit

When you walk through the medieval square in Cheb, your eyes will immediately fall on the city's symbol – Špalíček. This picturesque group of eleven medieval merchants’ houses grew up here as early as the 13th century. Looming over them are the soaring twin towers of St. Nicholas’ Church. Do not forget to explore the grounds of the castle, which has been standing here for more than 800 years. You will see a preserved section of the Romanesque fortifications, including the Black Tower, and the castle chapel.

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