Get to know the unique charm of Holašovice

You would be hard put to find another place offering so much charm in such a small space. Holašovice, situated in the middle of the harmonious landscape of Southern Bohemia, is surely the most charming village in the whole of the Czech Republic. The pride of this place is the wonderful Baroque farms set around the extensive village green, which even ensured inclusion of Holašovice in the UNESCO world heritage list.

It sounds unbelievable, but Holašovice has retained the same number of buildings for the whole 800 years of its existence. To this very day, you can thus see 17 farms with barns and stables, but also a blacksmith’s, two taverns and the small Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk. But the village is no open-air museum. Most of the houses here are inhabited permanently and the locals hold several cultural events, among which the Shrovetide festival in February, Building of the Maypole in April and the Rural Festival in July with its Old Bohemian Fair stand out.

Gables which look like lacework

The village gained its current appearance in the 19th century, when the local rural class escaped from servitude and the farmers could thus afford to convert their houses in the flamboyant style of the so-called Rural Baroque. Gaily coloured gables thus began to bloom on what was originally an austere medieval village green, elaborated down to the very last detail, which people nowadays come from all over the world to admire.

Take more than just memories away with you

When touring Holašovice, make sure to also visit farm number 6. In the farm here, you can see what rural life was like and how the people farmed until the 1st half of the 20th century. Don’t forget to visit the cosy ceramics workshop too, where you can have an original mug, jug, cup or nameplate for your door made, or a number for your house with typical Southern Bohemian motifs.

A magical place from Celtic mythology

Do you like mysterious places charged with strange energy? Then set out for the “Holašovice Stonehenge”. A beautiful view opens out over the surrounding area from this Celtic stone circle, built on a raised point above the village. You will see not only Holašovice itself, but also the powerful silhouette of one of the most beautiful of Czech chateaux Hluboká nad Vltavou. You can above all enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place during solstice celebrations.

Where else to go?

From Holašovice, it is not far to another Czech UNESCO monument. The chateau in Český Krumlov rises up majestically above the River Vltava, with its unique Baroque theatre, the


Infocentrum Holašovice
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