The Zlín Zoo and the Lešná Chateau

The Zlín Zoo and the Lešná Chateau

Discover the zoo in the shadow of the Castle Park!

History and nature – a combination you will discover nearby in Eastern Moravian Zlín. The Zoo is one of the most visited places in Moravia. The breakdown of the area into continents is very original.

What you definitely shouldn't miss

 The Yucatan Tropical Hall – You will experience the real atmosphere of a tropical forest, walk along a suspension bridge, and discover the ancient Mayan civilization. African pavilions – The pavilions in the shape of native huts offer encounters with elephants, giraffes, rhinos, zebras and ostriches. The Amazon – an attractive complex of natural expositions, which is dominated by an island of small squirrel monkeys. In the summer you can even admire alligators here. Ethiopia – the complex exhibits were inaugurated in August 2010. There are baboons, hyraxes, cranes, storks and hamerkops. Trail runner emus – In the Australia exposition you will visit the kangaroos and emu runners. Lemur island – Walk through the island kingdom of the ring-tailed lemur. Walk-through aviaries – In the large aviaries you will see parrots and vultures as well as Asian and South American birds up close. Ray’s Bay – in the fall of 2014 a new unique pavilion was opened where you can almost touch the Atlantic cartilaginous fish.

Lešná Chateau

Take a tour through 11 tastefully furnished rooms. The chateau is surrounded by a beautiful park with rare trees, which merges into the wooded environment of the zoo. More than 1,200 species of trees grow there as well as ornamental plants from Europe, Asia, North and Central America. The age of some trees reaches up to 270 years.