Napajedla Chateau

Napajedla Chateau

A place that you must experience.

Lying in the heart of Moravia, the family-run Napajedla Chateau Hotel offers peaceful relaxation and excellent facilities for setting out on sightseeing trips as well as wine tasting experiences.

Napajedla Chateau is a charming and non-traditional family-run hotel, which can be aptly described in just two words: luxury and style. Thanks to the care of the owners it combines the best of both history and the present day, offering comfort and enjoyment

The complex is situated near Zlín, halfway between Uherské Hradiště and Kroměříž, which found its place on the UNESCO list a long time ago. If you are a fan of active holidays, you will undoubtedly enjoy a bike ride on the popular cycle path alongside the nearby Bata's Canal. If you are more of a wine lover, then Moravia is definitely the right place for you. This area is reputed for its viticulture


Zámek Napajedla
Zámecká 265
763 61 Napajedla