Explore a landscape with rounded green pastures, deep valleys with old rivers and streams, a landscape of forests and lonely groups of trees in the hills that hide old quarries and mines. The Slate Landscape Geopark is located in the Low Jeseník Mountains.
Visit the scenery of green corners alternating with grey-silvery heaps of shale, cliff slopes covered with larches, pines, birches and colourfully diverse flora. In the valleys and on the hills of this region, the surfaces of the lakes of flooded quarries glisten, often with clear water, sometimes overgrown with algae and harbouring countless species of aquatic animals. One of the greatest features of this landscape is the mystery of the land. Deep shale mines - man-made structures that have been built over several centuries. In the Landscape of Slate you will discover admirable creations such as, monumental mining buildings, urban and rural architecture, castles, castle ruins and still preserved technical monuments.

Attractions in the geopark

Among the most attractive sites are the Museum of Slate in Budišov nad Budišovkou, the accessible mining works - Raab's adit in Zálužné near Vítkov and Flaschar's mine near Odry or the outdoor geological expositions in Odry and Vítkov. The mountainous landscape is crisscrossed with almost a hundred kilometres of nature trails. However, the Slate Landscape is not only exceptional for its slate mining. Less than two million years ago, the youngest volcanoes in the Czech Republic, were active in the northern part of the geopark.