Baťa Canal by bike

Baťa Canal by bike

Experience the Baťa Canal by bike

The cycle route along the historic Baťa Canal is among the most popular tourist attractions. Its undemanding terrain makes it suitable for even the youngest cyclists. The route, which links the towns of Kroměříž and Hodonín, is 80km in length and takes riders to numerous places of interest, such as the Napajedla Stud, Modrá and Uherské Hradiště.

The Slovácko region, where the Baťa Canal is located, received an award in the European competition EDEN 2011 as an excellent tourist destination. Thanks to the regulation of the River Morava, a project that attracted the interest of Tomáš Baťa, the industrialist who founded the world famous Baťa shoe brand, the area has become an ideal spot for cycling trips.

Thirteen locks, 23 bridges and countless experiences

The cycle route around the Baťa Canal offers a comfortable ride that is virtually all on the flat. It will take you by 13 locks with typical little Baťa houses for employees, which can also be viewed from the inside. You will also see artificially excavated canals with a number of movable sluices and nearly 23 bridges with underground passages and galleries with a lowered railing used to stretch lines to boats.

Bike and boat – a great combination

If you’ve tired of pedalling, why not have you and your bike carried part of the way? All you have to do is get on board at any landing place and continue your journey by boat. You can then plan a longer trip and also take in some of the many sights in the area, such as Buchlovice Chateau, the archaeological outdoor museum in Modrá, and Buchlov Castle. A ride along the Baťa Canal also delivers views of the surrounding romantic floodplain, with its bird reservations, educational trails and protected natural habitats.

A relaxing journey through Slovácko’s hospitable wine country

The Slovácko region also boasts numerous attractions, such as popular wine cellars with excellent Moravian wines in Petrov, or the town of Strážnice, which is known for its folk festival. You should also check out the historical town of Uherské Hradiště, Napajedla, a spa town that is also home to a stud farm, or Kroměříž, nicknamed the Haná Athens.


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