In recent years a trip along the Baťa Canal, a water course tens of kilometres long linking the towns of Kroměříž and Hodonín, has become a very popular tourist activity. It’s not just the trip along the River Morava (part of the waterway) in a boat or on board one of the cruise ships that give a feeling of romance; the nearby castles, chateaux and nature reserves also play their part. Whether you make the trip along the Baťa Canal by bike or boat, boredom will never be a threat!

The Slovácko Region, in which the Baťa Canal is situated, has received an award as an outstanding European tourist destination at EDEN 2011. The history of the Baťa Canal began in 1935, when the idea of regulating the flow of water in the River Morava was taken up by Tomáš Baťa, founder of the famous Baťa shoe factory. The company needed to transport coal from the mines at Ratíškovice to the power station at Otrokovice, which supplied electricity to Baťa’s plants.

An ingenious piece of engineering

A navigable water course measuring 51.8km and equipped with 13 locks was created. Around the locks you can still visit typical Baťa-style housing built for the people who operated them. More than 20 technically advanced bridges with underpasses and lowered handrails, making it easier to pass ropes to the boats, demonstrate the attention to detail and developed nature of the system.

A relaxing trip through gentle Slovácko wine country

You can sail all the way along the canal on a special excursion boat, in your own boat or in a hired craft, which can be picked up at any of the harbours. The experience is enhanced by the romantic views of the surrounding meadows, which include protected bird reserves. You can also visit popular wine cellars serving superb Moravian tipples in Petrov and Strážnice, and take tours of the historical centres of Uherské Hradiště and Kroměříž. Other possibilities include tackling a few nature trails and making an assault on Buchlov Castle.

A great holiday recipe – bikes and water

The Baťa Canal is also a popular cycling destination. A cycling trail follows the canal for 80km, and at any time you can load your two-wheeler onto a boat and continue on the water. You can also enjoy a superb holiday aboard a hired houseboat. Cool off along the way in the canal or on small beaches, ideal for swimming and angling. So head for the Baťa Canal and experience a wonderful summer on the water!


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