Kroměříž is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. The picturesque historical city with town houses and arcades, the monumental archbishop’s chateau, the wonderful gardens spreading out around this and the archbishop’s cellars with their unique wine. This is the Athens of Haná, a city the splendour and spectacular beauty of which have secured it a place on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Kroměříž was founded in the 13th century as a city of the bishops of Olomouc. They gradually established a representative summer residence here, which reflected their power and wealth. Over the centuries, buildings went up in the city which fascinate people to this very day with their beauty and make Kroměříž a true treasure chest of architecture.

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Velké náměstí is the centre of the city with its picturesque arcades and right next to it stands the Baroque Archbishop’s Chateau. The chateau is just as magnificent from the inside as it is from the outside. When you say the name Kroměříž, many Czechs instantly think of a multicoloured flood of flowers and exotic plants, elegant fountains or a snow-white colonnade. All of this will be offered to you by the unique Kroměříž Gardens and Castle, which have even been included in the UNESCO list.

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You can view lunettes by the leading Czech painter Max Švabinský in the complex of the former Franciscan monastery - nowadyas Hotel Octárna. They were originally intended for the National Theatre in Prague. A great way to get to know the unusual attractions in Kroměříž is the Via Artis ticket, which will allow you discount entry to the renowned local gallery, mint and exhibition of modern art.

All you have to do is take a seat…

If you want to really enjoy the magic of Kroměříž, take a seat in one of its parks and allow yourself to be carried away by the easy-going atmosphere. Kroměříž is a city of flowers, trees, water and elegant architecture, which will absolutely amaze you with its picturesque appearance.