Vegetarians and Vegans, Spring to Attention!
Not everyone likes to have meat on their plates. Or gluten. Or dairy. There are many different diets out there. Someone may be on a special diet for medical reasons, others for religious ones, and others for moral reasons. None of it is an issue these days. Almost every restaurant offers a meatless option but we want to show you where you can eat so well in the Czech Republic that you will remember it for a long time.

Prague is heaven for alternative diets

The most options can be found in Prague, the largest city in the Czech Republic. All vegetarians, vegans, raw food fans and even breatharians can enjoy the menu at the Maitrea Restaurant, located near the Old Town Square on picturesque Týnská Street. The restaurant design follows the principles of feng shui so that nothing blocks positive energy. The restaurant is located in a building where there are many different seminars and personal development lectures. Some lectures are also presented in English so if you are spending a few days in Prague and are interested in eastern philosophies, you should visit this place.

Lehká hlava (Light Head) is a sister restaurant near the Charles Bridge. The menu includes vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared with such love that even carnivores are happy to return there.
And if you are looking for a pleasant and cosy café that offers a lunch menu with organic ingredients, visit Bistro Zahrada in Vinohrady at náměstí Míru. Enjoying their poppy seed cake after a healthy lunch is worth it!
The hipster subculture also embraces vegetarianism and veganism. Therefore, in the Prague hipster quarter, along Krymská Street, right next to Vinohrady, you will find one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants: Plevel (which means weeds). You can also enjoy raw food there, according to the season. The restaurant also specialises in local and seasonal ingredients that they also prepare to a raw standard.
Lovers of raw food no longer need to search for places in Prague where they can at least buy an apple or raw muesli bar. For example, there is My Raw Café on Dlouhá Street in the Old Town, known for its cafés and bars. Their raw cakes can be enjoyed with non-raw coffee, or with natural organic wines from the best Bohemian and Moravian vineyards. The café is also suitable for people allergic to lactose and for those with celiac disease: they do not use gluten in their cakes.

And what about Brno?

The Moravian capital Brno does not lag behind. Brno is known for its culture of wine and peaceful cafés. Most cafés now offer gluten-free cakes or desserts. Also, there are cafés and bistros that specialise in vegan or vegetarian food. One of them is the Forky’s bistro where you can get quality food on the lunch menu, or in the evening. The menu also includes raw food, and not only desserts.
In Brno, near the Janáček Theatre, there is another gem on the alternative dining scene. Soul Bistro. Their motto is: Eat to live, not live to eat. However, that does not mean that they do not cook well! Quite the contrary: they do their best when it comes to food and selection of ingredients. The menu is not fully vegetarian but they always have something for those who do not eat meat or other animal products.