Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Get to know the magical heart of Prague on the Old Town Square!

Where does the true heart of Prague beat? On the Old Town Square of course! It is precisely here that winding lanes of the Old Town run, in order to spill out onto the most beautiful square in Prague. The elegant tower of the Town Hall with the world famous astronomical clock, the proud silhouette of the fairytale Týn Cathedral, the monumental Church of St. Nicholas and countless multicoloured houses of many styles lend this place a unique atmosphere, which will captivate all those who decide to take a look at its charm.

Over the thousand years of its existence, the Old Town Square has been a silent witness to important events in Czech history. History left its mark here in the form of important demonstrations, executions but also weddings, tournaments and political meetings.

Don’t forget to be in front of the astronomical clock on the hour!

Which of the dominant features of the square will you take a picture of first? People usually choose the tower of the Gothic Old Town Hall, which has risen up over the square since as far back as the 14th century. On its south wall, you will find a technological miracle, which has amazed the whole world for 600 long years already. We are talking about the astronomical clock, an ingenious piece of equipment, which has been faultlessly showing not only the time and date for centuries, but also the position of the sun, phase of the moon, astronomical cycles and festivals on the Christian calendar. Every hour on the hour, the astronomical clock comes alive with a fascinating spectacle of parading apostles and moving statues on its edges, in order for this all to augment the massive sound of the bell at the top of the tower. Construction of the astronomical clock in Prague caused an absolute sensation in its time. Many European cities thus also strove to gain the same type of gem. Legend has it that the town councillors had its creator blinded rather than allowing such a clock to be built anywhere else.

The perfect harmony of music and architecture

The opposite side of the square is dominated by the monumental twin towers of Týn Cathedral, which will enchant you with its fairytale appearance. Many regard this as the most beautiful cathedral in Prague and an inherent part of the panorama of the city. Inside, you can see not only the highest altar in Prague, but also the tomb of the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe. Are you one of those people who admire Baroque architecture? Then make sure not to miss out on a tour of the Church of St. Nicholas. You can even enjoy its unique atmosphere whilst listening to classical music at one of the many concerts which are held here.

All you have to do is look around…

Make sure to also point your camera lens at the monument to Jan Hus, the wonderful “House at the Minute” with its sgrafitto work, the uniquely preserved “House at the Stone Bell” or the home of the National Gallery in Kinský Palace. The square above all offers a unique atmosphere during the Christmas holidays when the whole place is transformed into a vibrant winter wonderland full of lights and aromas.


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