Adrenaline and Entertainment at Mountain Resorts
The time for skiing is here and mountain resorts are full of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Even if you do not belong to either group that does not mean that you cannot enjoy staying in the Czech mountains. Instead of heading for a ski slope, try going for a walk along a tree trail, go ice skating, snowshoeing or explore the world's third largest pumping hydro-electric power station.

The Ore Mountains: Snow tubing and fun in the water

The Ore Mountains form a continuous, 130km long and 40km wide mountain belt. In addition to downhill or cross-country skiing, the Klínovec Sport Centre offers a great deal of adrenaline. Snow tubing is very adventurous. You will feel a great adrenaline rush when you sit into a large, inflatable tube and go down the snow toboggan. If you prefer snowboarding to skiing, then you will love snow kiting – a combination of snowboarding and flying a special kite. All you have to do is get the kite flying and let yourself be pulled along the local, snowy plains. Around Boží Dar , you can enjoy snowshoe trips. If you are looking to relax more, visit the famous water parks. What about a recreational swimming pool with thermal water at the Teplice Aqua Centre or the Most Aquadrome?

Šumava: Bobsleigh track and a trip along a tree trail

The extensive Šumava Mountains are located in the southern part of the Czech Republic. Even in the winter, it is worth visiting the Lipno Tree Trail, which you can visit just by getting off the chairlift. The trail ends with a 40 metre high lookout tower, which is unique because of its appearance and view of the countryside. There are two bobsleigh tracks in Lipno. In terms of its length (1 kilometre) and diversity (21 curves, 2 tunnels and breaks in terrain) the older bobsleigh track ranks among the best in the world. The newer mountain track is unique and can only be found in the Czech Republic. The unique experience offers two nearly 360 degree curves. The possibility to switch from ski boots to skates and enjoy the unique, natural skating rink on the Lipno Dam is also very pleasant. The 11 kilometre frozen surface track is well maintained for skating enthusiasts. Under favourable conditions, the track is extended to a record-breaking 38 kilometres! Lipno Aqua World or the Frymburk Aqua Park offer water fun and entertainment.

Giant Mountains: Night snow tubing and 150 year old trees

The Giant Mountains are among the most popular mountainous locations in the Czech Republic. Resorts like Pec pod Sněžkou, Špindlerův Mlýn or Harrachov attract tens of thousands of ski enthusiasts annually but they also offer entertainment for people who do not ski. You can try snow tubing, which is very popular and in Špindlerův Mlýn you can even try night snow tubing on a lit-up track. Motor and speed enthusiasts can take a snowmobile ride along the designated and permitted areas of Herlíkovice with an experienced driver. You can go down bobsleigh tracks in Špindlerův Mlýn and Harrachov. Experience true adrenaline in Harrachov with winter bungee jumping. Vysoké nad Jizerou is one of the best places in the Giant Mountains to enjoy snow kiting. The Giant Mountains Tree Trail in the heart of the majestic forests of the Giant Mountains National Park takes you through forests that are over 150 years old. If you want to test your brain cells, then visit the IQ park in Liberec, where adults and children can enjoy intelligent entertainment.

Jeseníky: Hydro-electric power station and a snowshoe hike

This mountain range is located in northern Moravia. Near Kralický Sněžník, you can try the winter version of traditional mountain biking! Taking a ride on a snow bike promises to be an unusual experience, which can take you to places where traditional mountain bikes cannot. If you are not interested in biking, you may want to try walking in snowshoes around Ramzová. During the winter months, you can also visit the Dlouhé stráně hydro-electric power station. It is the third largest pumping hydro-electric power station in the world and the most extensive hydro-electric power station in the Czech Republic. You can also visit the underground power station in the winter. Then, you can warm up at the Velké Losiny thermal spa.