If you ask residents of the Krušné Mountains about their favourite sport, the most common answer undoubtedly will be cross-country skiing. And it’s no wonder. With its plateau with protracted plains, plenty of snow throughout the winter, and hundreds of kilometres of groomed trails, you could hardly wish for better conditions. Head to the area near the Czech town with the highest elevation, which is a true mecca for this sport and the place where Baby Jesus receives Christmas wish lists from Czech children.

The cross-country tracks in the area around Boží Dar (which means Gift of God) boast a total length of about 120 kilometres. If that seems insufficient to you, then you can ski across the border to Germany, where you will find many more additional kilometres of trails. The local routes are among the highest quality in the Czech Republic thanks to their superb maintenance, their profile, and also their beautiful scenery.

Discover the true enchantment of a Krušné Mountain winter

Where should you go? First, decide the distance and level of difficulty you can handle. In the Boží Dar Špičák area there are four cross-country circuits with lengths of 2, 7, 10 and 20 kilometres. If you prefer the skate skiing technique, a 7-kilometre circuit awaits. You can get here from Boží Dar via the Krušnohorská magistrála (meaning Krušné Mountains Cross-Country Route) and a 20-kilometre yellow-marked circuit.

Ski in two countries

But there are many more options. So, where to set off with your skis? You can head out, for example, on a 15-kilometre circuit from Boží Dar to the mining town of Pernink. You can also conquer the highest peak in the Krušné Mountains. Just follow a 5-kilometre trail that leads from Boží Dar all the way up to the 1,244-metre Klínovec Mountain. However, you can also go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic to such German destinations as Tellehauser, Fichtelberg or Breitenbrunn.

Take your skis to the spa? Why not?!

Do you still have a couple of days left in the Krušné Mountains and are in no way ready to stick your skis in the snow? Then set off on one of the longer-distance circuits that criss-cross the local landscape. You’ll find four groomed cross-country tracks ranging from 3 to 12 kilometres in the area around Březová u Sokolova. Routes leading through terrain of varying challenge levels also await you near Horní Blatná. Have you had your fill of winter fun and would welcome a pleasant place to nicely warm up? Then why not head off to Jáchymov, the first radon spa in the world! In the local Agricola wellness centre you can indulge in a fantastic chocolate massage or one with hot lava stones and you can also enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation in a hot whirlpool bath.


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