5 Unusual Tips for Cross-Country Skiing
The mountains are a paradise for lovers of cross-country skiing, and you can take part in this sport, which is extremely popular in the Czech Republic, almost anywhere in the country. Some of the most popular trails might remind you of city streets with how crowded they are, and so we are bringing you five tips on where to go when you want to admire the snowy fairytale countryside in peace and quiet.


The South Bohemian mountain range of Šumava is also the largest national park in the Czech Republic. There are many tracks that lead through the ancient forests of the national park or run along the edges of the most previous first zones. You can try an undemanding trip along mechanically-maintained trails in the central part of the national park. Start in the village of Modrava and follow the blue trail towards Březník. You can see the Modrava bogs, the hamlet of Březník, and visit the former glassworks called Filipova Huť. And where can you find some refreshments or accommodation? There are several options right in the village of Modrava. Try the Lyer Bed & Breakfast and Brewery. The refreshments come in handy after a 20-kilometre trip!


The Jeseníky Mountains in the north of Moravia is the second highest mountain range in the Czech Republic, though lesser known than Krkonoše or Šumava. Naturally, you can follow the Jesenická Main Trail, with breathtaking views and cross-country tracks along the ridges. But you won’t have much privacy there if you go on a weekend. Instead, try to set off on the cross-country tracks in the vicinity of Rejvíz. They are at an altitude of about 800 metres and offer good snow conditions, unique undisturbed nature and many opportunities to rest. The trails are regularly maintained, and both beginners and experienced skiers can enjoy them. Rejvíz is a good starting point for trips to other resorts in the Jeseníky Mountains – Červenohorské Sedlo, Ramzová, and Praděd include many accommodation options.


The main Beskydy trail represents a unique network of maintained cross-country skiing trails that are over 300 kilometres long in total and wind through the whole Beskydy mountain range in the east of the Czech Republic. The highest tracks will take you all the way up Lysá hora, which is the highest peak in Beskydy. However, the weather there can be treacherous, and we recommend paying close attention to the forecast. Other trails will take you to Pustevny and its unique painted and carved wooden houses, or the statue of pagan god Radegast.

Orlické Mountains

The Orlické Mountains are perfect for novice cross-country skiers. You won’t find any steep climbs or descents there. But there are more than 200 kilometres of trails. You can ski through gentle rolling hills, or you can follow along the mountain ridges. But even the mountain ridge tracks are not difficult. The popular main trail of the Orlické Mountains leads through many interesting places and past the border fortresses built prior to WWII. You can get on the trail from Olešnice, Deštné, Orlické Záhoří, Říčky, or Rokytnice.



Krkonoše is the most-visited mountain range in the Czech Republic, so you won’t be there alone. But we simply must give you this tip as it has the highest trails in the Krkonoše Mountains and in the country. The Czech and Polish Friendship Trail is the most famous major trail in Krkonoše. The ridge trail is 28 kilometres long and it offers beautiful views of the Polish and Czech sides of the mountains most of the way. It goes through the highest peaks in Krkonoše and connects the whole mountain range from the west to the east. The trail starts at the Pod Tvarožníkem junction, accessible from Harrachov, and continues through Sněžka, which is the highest peak in the Czech Republic, and ends at Pomezní Boudy. If you want to have a stylish sleepover, you can stay in the newly reconstructed Trautenberk Brewery in Horní Malá Úpa. However, booking a room at least a few weeks in advance is highly recommended.