Mount Radhošť

Mount Radhošť

Climb a mountain to meet the mythical Radegast!

Mount Radhošť is a place steeped in myths and legends. According to one of these it is home to Radegast, the pagan god of war, victory, the Sun and abundance. A huge statue of him stands just below the summit at over 1,100m, and is a popular day-trip destination. Half man, half animal, Radegast along with the mountain’s harsh climate, gives the place a mystical feel.

Since time immemorial religious ceremonies have taken place at this cult site. At the top of the hill stands a timber church dedicated to the saints Cyril and Methodius. According to legend the missionaries from Thessaloniki, Cyril and Methodius, had Radegast’s statue knocked down in the 9th century and erected a cross in its place. Thus Mount Radegast became an important place of pilgrimage. From Pustevny you can follow the Radegast trail which has ten stops where information is provided on the history and wildlife of this mysterious peak. The name Radegast is more than familiar to beer lovers. The Radegast brand of lager is produced at the brewery in Nošovice.

Enjoy the most stunning views in the Beskids

If you climb to the top of Mount Radhošť, you’ll be struck dumb by the one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Beskids. If the weather’s good you can enjoy a climb to the viewing tower, from which you can spot Lysá hora – the highest peak in the Beskids.