Easter Markets, Tours and Events

Easter Markets, Tours and Events

Are you looking forward to Easter? Choose from the tips for Easter markets and theme-based tours!

Easter Markets, Tours and Events
Enjoy the true Czech Easter! The traditional markets in cities, at castles and châteaux will take you back a few centuries and the festive Easter dishes will expand your gastronomical horizons. In short, the programme for this year’s Easter festivities is quite rich again.
Czech Easter includes traditional markets at town squares. The first ones open at the end of March. And what can you enjoy there? You can try some Easter delicacies, watch artisans work and learn about the traditional customs related to the spring holiday.

Come to Easter Market the Old Town Square in Prague. At the market, you can see painted eggs, rattles, whips, and there are also cultural events on a stage with folk songs and dances. The Republic Square in Plzeň will also come to life with an Easter market. The square will be filled with painted eggs and hand-woven whips full of ribbons, as well as stands with a selection of sausages, stuffing, cheeses and mead. The Moravian capital of Brno has also prepared the traditional Easter market. You can look forward to forty stands with the most diverse products, such as wicker baskets, whips, pottery, jewellery, decorations or Easter painted eggs. This year’s programme will be rich in cultural events full of dance and singing, performed by Moravian folklore groups and bands. In South Bohemia, in Český Krumlov, the local farmers and artisans will offer stylish products, Easter whips or painted eggs. You can admire wooden products or fur sheep, as well as spring flowers, decorations and seasonal goodies.

List of Easter markets:

Prague – Easter market at the Old Town Square (25 March–16 April)
Plzeň – Easter market at the Republic Square (30 March–10 April)
Brno – Easter festival at the Liberty Square (31 March–9 April)
Český Krumlov – Easter market at the Svornosti Square (2–10 April)

The tourist season at many landmarks often starts at Easter. And that needs a celebration! The Křivoklát Castle in Central Bohemia will celebrate the Princely Easter. The festival will start with a historical costume show and you can look forward to medieval jugglers, a series of concerts and a theatre performance. In Moravia, Wallachian Open-Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm is also bringing the traditionally rich, three-day Easter programme. The Museum will be open from Saturday to Monday and visitors can look forward to a rich and interesting programme. The main part of the programme will take place in the Wooden Village. You can see demonstrations of traditional Easter and spring customs there on the Easter weekend. You can even paint an egg or taste the spring soup!

And where to go for an Easter chateau tour? Try Moravian Valtice, a former residential manor of the princely family of the Liechtenstein. In addition to the several different chateau tours, you can look forward to stands with handmade products, refreshments and excellent Valtice wines on the Easter weekend. The honorary courtyard of the chateau will be decorated with maxi eggs and other Easter decorations, cembalo music will sound in the inner courtyard. If you are not travelling to the south of Moravia, visit the Okoř castle ruin near Prague. The local caretakers have prepared an Easter knight festival for Easter Saturday! In the courtyard, you will see a medieval royal knight tournament, listen to period music, watch fencing, equestrian falconry, theatre, historical dances, a puppet theatre for children and much more. Enjoy a medieval Easter with all it takes. South Bohemian châteaux will not be left behind. The Blatná Chateau has prepared an Easter market that will present the best of Easter.

Tips for Easter events:

Central Bohemia – Princely Easter at Křivoklát (7–9 April)
Central Bohemia – Easter Knight Festival at Okoř (9 April)
Moravia – Easter in the Wallachian Open-Air Museum in Rožnov (8–10 April)
Moravia – Easter at Valtice (7–10 April)
South Bohemia – Easter market at Blatná (7–9 April)
South Bohemia – Easter tours of the Jindřichův Hradec chateau (7–10 April)
Czech Easter Customs and Traditions

Czech Easter Customs and Traditions

The celebration of spring after a long and dark winter means an end to winter weather and a beginning of the warm and sunny half of the year. We would like to show you some customs and traditions, combining Christianity and pagan religions, which are still alive today.