Take in the aroma and the Baroque beauty of Olomouc!

Olomouc has always been one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Thanks to its advantageous position, ancient university, spiritual and cultural traditions, it has been the natural centre of Moravia for many centuries. The historical heart of Olomouc, which is dominated by the Holy Trinity Column, which is included in the UNESCO list, is the second most important monument zone in the Czech Republic after Prague. You should certainly also try the local speciality – the famous Olomouc tvarůžky, cheeses legendary for their distinctive flavour and aroma.

Treasures of the past

The most important monument in Olomouc is the Holy Trinity Column standing in the central square. It represents the largest group of Baroque statues in one structure in Central Europe. You can gain a panoramic view of the column from the nearby Town Hall Tower. You can also enjoy its remarkable beauty whilst sitting in one of the cafes here. Apart from the many historical buildings, another interesting point about Olomouc is the astronomical clock, designed in the spirit of Socialist Realism. You can also discover the wealth of history here whilst taking a tour of the Olomouc Fortress, which was designed to stave off attacks by the enraged Prussian army thanks to its massive ramparts and extensive barracks.

In search of mysticism and wealth on the trail of a thousand years of history

Mythical princes and historically documented kings of the oldest of the Bohemian ruling families, the Přemysls – it is precisely in Olomouc that the era of their famous rule ended, when Wenceslas III was murdered here in 1306 and the family thus died out by the sword. Set out on their trail to the dominant feature made up of the three high towers of the Cathedral of St. Wenceslas rising up over the skyline of Olomouc and then continue on to the grounds of Olomouc Castle or to discover the richly decorated Archbishop’s Palace, the spectacular seat of the Archbishopric of Olomouc. And where can you go to find some important church history? Allow yourself to be blinded by the beauty of the treasures held in the Archdiocese Museum, founded on the instigation of John Paul II, or set out for peace and contemplation in the monumental pilgrimage site making up a dominant feature of Olomouc, Svatý Kopeček. Get to know spiritual equilibrium and material wealth face to face with a thousand years of history.

Where else to set out for?

A rest from the ostentation of the buildings in Olomouc is provided by the beautiful countryside of the Jeseníky Mountains. This picturesque mountain range is the ideal destination for an active holiday. Another historical gem to be found in Moravia is the city of Kroměříž, which thanks to its chateau and gardens has found its way onto the UNESCO list.


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