Four Photogenic Sites That Look Good in Winter
If you visit the Czech Republic in winter or early spring and want to visit one of the castles and chateaux, you will find that most of them are closed. These popular tourist destinations prepare for the summer seasons and usually undertake repairs and other work in winter. However, there are some even well-known castles and chateaux that keep their gates open in winter.

Karlštejn – Imperial Jewel

The majestic seat of the Roman emperor and Czech king Charles IV was founded in the 14th century as a Gothic castle guarding the crown jewels, holy relics and state documents. Today, thanks to its location near Prague, it is a great place for a day trip. The train ride from the centre of Prague will take you to the castle in half an hour.  Between February and the end of October, you can visit the exhibition called Karlštejn Treasure – Culture of the Imperial Court of Charles IV. Karlštejn Castle is accessible on weekends in winter and then every day except Monday in spring. We recommend that photographers visit the castle early in the morning when the castle and the town are waking up and there are no visitors to disturb you.  And when you are at Karlštejn, visit the nearby Velká Amerika limestone quarry. The views are unforgettable.

Neo-Gothic Hluboká Chateau

The Hluboká Chateau in South Bohemia near České Budějovice is an ideal destination for history and romance lovers. The chateau is often called the most beautiful chateau in the Czech Republic. Like most other sites, it is open every day except Monday.  Photographers will appreciate the unusual views of the chateau covered in snow from the adjacent landscape garden.

Majestic Sychrov

In the north of Bohemia is the neo-Gothic chateau of Sychrov. It is one of the few sites open for visitors almost every day of the year. This even includes Monday when other sites are usually closed.  The tour will take you through the whole chateau.  At the end you will have an idea of how a rich noble family lived at their countryside home in the 19th century.  And just like in any other national monument, you can also take photos of the beautiful neo-Gothic interiors for your own needs.

Chateaux in the Lednice Valtice Cultural Landscape

In South Moravia in winter you can also visit sites that look good when frosty. On weekends, you will be welcomed at the chateau in Lednice. The chateau is surrounded by a landscape garden, and after the tour you can go for a walk around the lakes and tributaries of the Dyje River.  You can see local water birds, as well as birds that come from the north of Europe to spend winter here. The chateau and the adjacent park are part of an extensive landscape area and together with Valtice Chateau are on the UNESCO cultural heritage list. You should also visit Valtice. You will not find any standard chateau tours there in winter, however, on Saturdays you can at least view the unique chateau’s Baroque theatre and Baroque chapel. At the end of the tour, remember to visit the National Wine Salon. You can taste the best wines produced in Moravia in the chateau cellars.