Czech glass in Netflix hit movie
Have you watched Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery with an all-star cast, including Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, and others, on Netflix? And do you recall the amazing glass sculptures in Edward Norton’s collection that were completely smashed by Janelle Monáe at the end? They were made by a small company from Czechia!

The nearly 60 monumental crystal sculptures, which appeared in the key scenes of the new detective movie starring the "former James Bond", were produced in just 4 weeks by the glassworks Pačinek Glass from Kunratice u Cvikova in North Bohemia. You too can take a look into the glass workshop of Jiří Pačinek, one of the best contemporary art glassmakers on the world stage!

Enter the glass realm

Parts of the glassmaking complex in Kunratice u Cvikova are not only the traditional glassworks, where you can watch the masters of handmade glass at work (and maybe even try your hand at the craft!). You can also visit a cutting room, a sales gallery of modern glass, and, last but not least, the Crystal Garden. Through its gates, you will enter the dreamlike realm of glass plants.