The Crystal Valley – Destinations Offering Unique Experiences

The Crystal Valley – Destinations Offering Unique Experiences

Explore the Beauty of Czech Glass and the Secrets of its Production

The Crystal Valley – Destinations Offering Unique Experiences
Learn about glass and make your own product from this amazing material. The Crystal Valley offers many opportunities to do so; it is a traditional glassmaking region in the Jizera and Lusatian Mountains where the Bohemian crystal and glass beads started centuries ago. Check out our tips, you will definitely find something you like.

Become a Glassmaker

Learn all you need to know about glass blowing at the Pačinek Glass manufactory in Kunratice u Cvikova. Watch the masters of handcrafting in the grinding mill and traditional glass factory and try to make something as well.

Remember to visit the beautiful glass garden! Ajeto in Lindava has a gallery for visitors where they can watch the hot liquid glass mass getting transformed into a fragile beauty in the hands of master glassmakers. If you want, you can make your own mug or vase using the blowpipe and then have a little something to eat from the factory’s kitchen.

Or visit Rautis in Poniklá. The local manufacture of Christmas decorations made from blown glass beads isinscribed by the UNESCO in the intangible cultural heritage list. You can watch the whole production process – blowing from blowpipes, applying silver, dyeing and cutting pearls, as well as the final assembly. Make your own bead decoration in the creative workshop.

You can look forward to a lot of experience at glass-making festivals, such as the Glass Village in Železný Brod that takes place every September. Try out different glass-making techniques in the creative workshops.

In search of glass

The oldest continuously working glass factory in the world, Novosad a Syn in Harrachov, has one of the largest and most valuable glass collections in the country. You will see hand-shaping of glass right at the furnace and you can arrange making your own product under expert supervision. After that, you might enjoy the famous beer from a local brewery or relax in the local beer spa.
Don’t think glass and gastronomy go together? The Novotný Glass Centre in Nový Bor will make you change your opinion! The local Huť glass factory restaurant has some great food and when you finish your meal, you can walk up the stairs to the glass museum with a beautiful view of the factory.

Make Your Own Jewellery

The largest public collection of glass Christmas decorations in the world can be found in Jablonec nad Nisou: the World of Wonders is in the Museum of Glass and Jewellery, and you can also visit the Bead Manufacture Museum in the Nisa Factory, one of the largest manufacturers of glass beads in the region. You will see how beads are cut and polished and you can make your own jewellery or a glass mosaic picture in the modern creative workshops.
And if you would like to learn all about the Jablonec jewellery, visit the Crystal Paradise where you can also make your own necklace or bracelet in one of the many specialised creative workshops.

In Glass Engraver’s Shoes

Of course, you can try your hand at glassmaking not only in Crystal Valley. Visit the famous Moser glassworks in Karlovy Vary and take the creative tour. Not only will you visit cutting, moulding or engraving workshops but you will also get to try out glass engraving for yourself.

Or take a moment to be a designer and enjoy working with glass online. The MyMoser configurator allows you to choose an item, pick its colour and complement it with an engraving or an oroplastic décor. Then, simply click “order” and Moser will create the artwork based on your design and send it to you.