The Ajeto glass factory in Lindava near Nový Bor produces luxurious and exclusive glass that you can see in art galleries around the world.
The AJETO glassworks was built in the early 1990s on the foundations of a former textile factory in Lindava and one of the founders was the renowned Czech architect and designer Bořek Šípek.

The glassworks is open to the public, so every visitor can watch from the galleries just how difficult it is to work with glass. You can even try out the work of glassmakers for yourself and use a glass whistle to create your first exclusive glass product, your own pint glass or vase.

Art objects from the Ajeto glassworks have personalities in their collections, such as former US President Bill Clinton or singer Mick Jagger, and Václav Havel was also an admirer of Šípek's work. The glassworks creates the Tour de France trophy and the Thalie Theatre Award, as well as components for large lighting installations and some designer lighting fixtures and drinking and decorative glass. Here, glass masters can create colourful glasses called Candy, Frozen bowls inspired by ice or Crystal Rock vases reminiscent of stone.

You can soak up your experience with pleasant refreshments and home cooking in the stylish Ajeto Glassworks Pub, located directly in the glassworks complex. And don´t forget to pick up a glass souvenir here, to commemorate your visit.

The glassworks are now part of LASVIT, a company which inspires the world with its breath-taking glass installations and unique collections of light fittings and glass.