Take a peek under the hands of glassmakers in the glassworks of one of the most significant contemporary art glassmakers on the world stage. The glassmaking complex in the Crystal Valley in North Bohemia includes not only a traditional glassworks but also a cutting room, a glass sales gallery, and the unique Crystal Garden.

You will be able to observe the work of glassmakers using traditional Czech glass-blowing and hand-shaping techniques from a minimum distance. While working on demanding original objects, such as large-scale sculptures of horses, birds, plants, and other works inspired by nature, you will often find Jiří Pačinek himself. You can  try your hand at the craft, too!

A walk through the Crystal Garden is an experience at any time of the day or night (it is illuminated) all year round. In every season, it offers unique views not only of real plants but especially of glass ones. 

A unique combination of the mysterious atmosphere of a church with glass objects, lamps, and installations by Pačinek Glass awaits you in the Glass Temple - the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross right next to the glassworks.

Pachinek Glass even had a significant role in the Hollywood movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery starring Daniel Craig


Pačinek Glass
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