Winter in Bohemian Switzerland

Winter in Bohemian Switzerland

It is easier to contemplate when you are walking through a snow-covered countryside

Walking through a winter countryside is always beautiful. Yet walking through the winter Bohemian Switzerland is a much stronger experience. You will come to places that are hustling and bustling with people in summer and now, suddenly, all the beauty is just yours. The winter landscape in Bohemian Switzerland is peaceful, quiet, private, free of colours, like charcoal drawings. The views are sharp and more generous. And something else – mysterious. When the land is covered by snow, a lot is hidden, making one ponder.
When everything is covered by a white blanket of snow, it is the right time to visit the otherwise crowded Bohemian Switzerland. Not a soul around, and you can go explore the other side of the national park, accompanied by the mysterious whisper of the treetops. You have a unique opportunity to visit the Pravčická Gate without crowds and queues. A trip through the Kyjovské Valley to the Brtnice Waterfalls can also be mysterious. People who love views across snow-capped hills and diverse countryside will appreciate the accessibility of lookout towers. And for athletes? There are downhill ski slopes and groomed cross-country ski trails in the nearby Lusatian Mountains and their surroundings. And culture seekers will enjoy the rich programmes of the Děčín and Šluknov châteaux, Loreta in Rumburk, or the regional museums in Rumburk and Děčín.

Regional manufacturers

We recommend visiting and trying the products of local regional manufacturers during your winter holiday. Nobilis Tilia, based at Vlčí Hora, has a beautiful new visitor centre with a shop and tea room. Nearby, in Krásná Lípa, you will find the Falkenštejn brewery, which not only offers great beer, but also excellent food. We should also mention the Rubens soap factory in Růžová. The picturesque shop is set in the national park and its pleasant staff have a huge selection of soaps on offer. Do you love chocolate? Děčínský Jordán or the Mana chocolate factory in Krásná Lípa will take care of you. You can’t go wrong no matter which local manufacturer you visit. Quality and attentiveness are guaranteed.


Winter relaxation is inseparably connected to time spent in a wellness facility. There are several such places in the vicinity of Bohemian Switzerland. One of the most interesting includes, for example, Toskana in Bad Schandau, easily accessible by the national park railway. Sebnitz is home to a herbal spa that attracts wellness and relaxation fans in winter. Although there are many more relaxation opportunities, all you need to do is choose.


There are several winter sports resorts and cross-country ski trails on the boundary of Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains. Those who have visited this area in summer definitely know the popular ski resort in Polevsko, where there are many-kilometre-long groomed cross-country ski trails. There is a sports resort in Jiřetín, below Jedlová, and the ski resort in Horní Podluží. You can easily add a skiing or cross-country ski trip to your winter holiday in Bohemian Switzerland. And if you would like to go for a swim after a day-long hike, you can visit the water park in Děčín, the swimming pool in Rumburk or swim in the neighbouring Varnsdorf.

Tips for trips

Let yourselves be charmed with the power of nature and hike to the Brtnice Waterfalls. This natural phenomenon, only visible for a few weeks during the year, grows to enormous dimensions. A photogenic place where many amazing shots have been taken. Come to Kyjov or Brtníky and follow the marked tourist trails directly to the waterfalls. Don’t forget to visit the Fairy Cave in the valley, a rock overhang where unique ice decorations form during winter.