Lusatian Mountains Protected Landscape Area
A scenic countryside, a rock gate and rustic architecture. You can see all of this in the mountainous area along the northern border of the Czech Republic and Germany.
The small Lusatian Mountains are defined by the towns of Česká Kamenice, Nový Bor and Liberec. Home to dense forests until the 13th century, today you will find a cultural landscape formed by people over the centuries. The Lusatian Mountains are mostly covered by forests, but you can also find sandstone rocks formed by nature into various shapes. The highest peak of the Lusatian Mountains is Luž with an altitude of 793 metres. Jedlová Mountain with a lookout tower and a view of the surrounding countryside, or the Hvozd peak with a lookout tower on the German side of the hill are also popular. The area is interwoven with numerous educational trails and marked cycling and hiking trails. In winter, you can enjoy some cross-country skiing trips.
The Lusatian Mountains are also the place where you can find the only Czech ice cave, near Naděje. The 30-metre-long and 6-metre-deep cave was formed by gradual erosion of the rock and the effect of frost. Cold air collects there all year round, which helps maintain the decorative ice. The rock gate near the town of Cvikov is also interesting. The seven-metre-long rock formation was formed at the original medieval ruin of Milštejn Castle. You will find picturesque Lusatian architecture, with its typical timbered houses and gabled roofs, in many places.