Lake Milada and Lake Most

Lake Milada and Lake Most

New Holiday Resorts

Both Milada and Most holiday resorts can be found in Northwest Bohemia. The former mining areas have been reclaimed and visitors mostly come to the area for the large attractive lakes where they can swim and do other water sports.

Lake Milada

Lake Milada is only a few kilometres from Ústí nad Labem and can be a pleasant stop during your summer trip to the Ore Mountains, the area of the Tisa Walls, the Central Bohemian Uplands, or the Czech Switzerland National Park. The lake was created when they started flooding a large coal quarry in 2001, and today it is one of the largest lakes in the country after Lake Most, Lake Medard near Sokolov and Lake Máchovo.
The lake offers leisure opportunities with excellent water quality for bathing, fishing, yachting, as well as other water sports. The water visibility is several metres. Many different fish live in the lake including perch, pike, zander, catfish, roach and rudd. You can check out the unique reclaimed landscape on a bike, following the adjacent cycling trail. Cycling trail 3009 from the Ore Mountains now passes through the area and is suitable for bike trips with the whole family.

Lake Most

The lake is below the peak of Hněvín, right next to the relocated Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Most. It was created on the site of a former royal town, which had to give way to coal mining. It was filled with water in September 2014 and a new recreational zone was created. The circumference of the lake, which is the second largest lake in the Czech Republic, is more than nine kilometres. The main fish in the lake is the common whitefish, as well as zander, pike, catfish and perch. The purity of the lake must not be jeopardised by any harmful industrial substances or fertilisers. The water quality corresponds with the standards for outdoor swimming pools.