Blue Monday is here! Turn that negative energy around
Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, said to be the most depressing day of the year, is here. Whether you believe in this or not, it’s best not to leave anything to chance and, during this less than cheerful time - Christmas is over, the sunny days are still a long way off – stave off the gloom with a good supply of positive energy. Where to find it? We present a few truly beautiful places that are rumoured to benefit the body and mind.

The unfinished Gothic church in Panenský Týnec

The unfinished Gothic Church of the Virgin Mary in Panenský Týnec, just outside Prague, is one of Czechia’s most interesting and mystical places. The spiritual and healing power radiated by the stone walls of the church has attracted all kinds of psychotronics, healers, clergy and artists for centuries. You don’t have to worry that you might not recognise the places with magical energy. The well-trodden paths and places worn by touch on the walls of the building will help you. Will you feel a rush of positive energy, too? Whether you feel the healing effects for yourself or not, the trip here is well worth it - the unfinished shell of this Gothic buildings is a truly impressive sight.

Andělská hora near Karlovy Vary: The place where even Goethe drew fresh energy

The ruins of the mediaeval castle on Andělská hora near Karlovy Vary in West Bohemia are said to be one of the top hundred places in the world as a concentration of positive energy. And do you know who fell in love with this magical place? One famous visitor to Andělská hora in 1786 was German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe! Follow in his footsteps. You'll see, perhaps you'll get rid of that headache here, perhaps you'll just take a deep breath of fresh air during your trip, but you'll definitely enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape of the Ore Mountains.

Ruins of Rosa coeli in Dolní Kounice

Like the church in Panenský Týnec, the ruins of the oldest Premonstratensian convent in Moravia, Rosa Coeli or Heavenly Rose in Dolní Kounice near Brno are a very mystical place. And, what’s more, the positive energy to be found in the remains of this convent can be very beneficial to more sensitive visitors. Your mood will take a turn for the better after just a few minutes spent in this magical stark Gothic setting. All that remains of this 12th-century site are the walls and pillars of the church, the tower with its spiral staircase and the adjacent arcade around the courtyard. It’s closed during the winter, but they’ll be happy to open it up by prior arrangement.

Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill) in Mikulov: The oldest pilgrimage site in Czechia, beloved even by witches

Holy Hill in Mikulovthe oldest pilgrimage site in the Czech Republic – is home to the Church of St. Sebastian, a bell tower, a little chapel and Stations of the Cross. And it is the bell tower that is said to be a very powerful source of earth energy – just go there, sit or lie down on the ground, and let the power wash over you. Perhaps the top of the hill, formerly known as the Dancing Mountain, was chosen by the witches who, according to the legend of Walpurgis Night, danced and held pagan dance ceremonies here, precisely because of this magical energy... Whatever you feel, you won’t regret the walk to the bell tower. Even if you don't experience any otherworldly sensation, the view of the fairy-tale town of Mikulov and the picturesque countryside landscape around it will soothe your soul.

The glass-roofed church in Neratov

A truly unique church can be found in Neratov in the Eagle Mountains. This Baroque church was once a well-known pilgrimage site, mainly due to the miraculous spring that rises nearby. But fate was not kind to the village or the church during the entire second half of the 20th century, and in 1945 the church was even hit by a Russian army anti-tank missile and burned down. Life did not begin to return to the place until the turn of the millennium, when a community of people dedicated to helping others and with positive energy to spread around moved to Neratov. It was thanks to them that the previously derelict church was given a new unique glass roof and once again became a place of pilgrimage where you can rest and regain your strength. And when can you visit the church? Anytime! Its doors are not closed at any time of the day.

Silesian Ostrava Castle: A building on the pathway into the depths of the earth

Silesian Ostrava Castle is located right in the very centre of Ostrava. It’s hard to imagine that it once guarded the historical provincial route from Opava to the Polish city of Kraków from atop a raised hill. As mines were built underneath it, this building, which is mentioned in the chronicles from early as the 13th century, subsided by a full 16 metres! And why are we inviting you to go there? It is said that a powerful source of positive energy rises up from underground, right behind the statue of St. Hedwig, the patron saint of Silesia.

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