The Jizerská 50 ski race
The mountains of the Czech Republic have not seen an event more famous than the Jizerská 50. This race offers a challenge for many, along with a great experience, enjoyment of sporting performance and also tradition. This year is going to be virtually.
The race was cancelled!
ČEZ Jizerská 50 is a cross-country ski race included in the Worldloppet worldwide league of cross-country skiing marathons. Although held in frosty February, it leaves very few feeling cold. Ranked among the most awaited sporting events of the winter season in the Czech Republic, the race along the Jizerská magistrála route is participated in each year by hundreds of runners and thousands of spectators, who admire sporting performances and the beauty of the snow covered Jizera Mountains. This region is a renowned winter destination sought after by downhill as well as cross-country skiers - a fact proven among other things by the Jizerská 50 taking place for more than the fiftieth time and having drawn top runners onto its starting list over the years. The famous participants in the from-Bedřichov-and-back race include Björn Daehlie, Thomas Alsgaard, Lukáš Bauer and Stanislav Řezáč.

The schedule promises several races including relay competitions and a contest for children. Every year the opening ceremony is graced by skiers dressed in old-fashioned skiing gear. In addition, taking a very responsible approach to the race, the organizers reserved for it the days, which according to statistics are most likely to offer good-quality snow conditions. However, in the case of the cancellation of the race due to lack of snow, they are ready to refund a part of the entry fee.