Would you like to ski on one of the most popular cross-country trails in the Czech Republic? Then head to the Jizera Mountains! The Jizerská magistrála offers 170 kilometres of groomed trails leading through beautiful natural surroundings full of snowy beechwood forests, white plains, blue-tinged frozen waterfalls, brooks and streams, and unforgettable views of the countryside. Enjoy skiing in a place where winter itself is the master artist and each year creates a spectacular kingdom of snow, ice and sun. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll want to return.

You can set off on the Jizerská magistrála from Bedřichov, for instance, but you can also choose a shorter segment and enter in places including Oldřichov v Hájích, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Desná, Horní Polubný and Martinské údolí in Kořenov. Among the route’s loveliest parts are the areas around Kristiánov, Nová Louka and Jizerka. Along the entire length of the route you will be assured of perfectly groomed trails, and not just because the tradition of maintaining them is the oldest in the Czech Republic.

In search of military history

So where to go? Another ideal starting point is Smědava, which you can reach by car or even from the white trail leading from Harrachov. The 14-kilometre trail from Harrachov takes you straight away to one of its most beautiful stretches, near the romantic village of Jizerka and along the Jizera River through Mořina and Promenádní, where you are sure to see some border fortifications. Upon arriving in Smědava, reward yourself with something tasty at the mountain chalet, which has been standing on this spot for the past 200 years.

Ski to a primaeval forest

From Smědava you can head to Bedřichov along a 14-kilometre trail that first circles around the second highest peak of the Jizera Mountains, Mount Jizera, with an adjacent primaeval forest. You will continue through the Na Čihadle nature reserve, Kristiánov and Nová Louka, then on to Bedřichov. If you have a hankering for something good to eat along the way, stop at the hunting lodge in Nová Louka, where they will be happy to take care of your taste buds.

Test your endurance in the Jizera 50

Would you like to try out the route used for the most famous cross-country race in the Czech Republic? Just wax up your skis and head off on the “Jizera 50” trail. The race has been held here for more than 40 years, usually on the second Sunday in January. It always begins and ends at Bedřichov Stadium and passes through Rozmezí, Mořina and Olivetská hora. Wonderfully groomed cross-country ski trails can also be found in other Jizera Mountain resorts, such as the famous Ještěd, whose peak is capped with a unique hotel and transmission tower that looks like a set piece for a sci-fi film.