Revolving Theatre in Český Krumlov

Revolving Theatre in Český Krumlov

An artistic experience you won't get anywhere else

June 1 2024 - September 8 2024
Revolving Theatre in Český Krumlov
Enjoy the theatre like you have never before! Visit the Revolving Theatre situated in the middle of the historical Baroque gardens in Český Krumlov. The summer stage of the South Bohemian Theatre offers you ballet, opera and plays written specially for this unique venue. Everyone will be thrilled!
The productions of world-famous authors performed by the South Bohemian Theatre take place in the beautiful natural scenery of the Krumlov castle garden. The choice of repertoire, the directorial concept, the actors' performances and the original garden scenery will captivate every spectator.

The Open-Air Theatre with the Revolving Auditorium in Český Krumlov in one of the most frequently visited summer open-air stages in the Czech Republic. It is a unique open-air theatre that uses stage space in an original way.  The town of Český Krumlov is one of the historical gems of South Bohemia, and is included in the UNESCO Heritage list.

All performances are subtitled in German and English and are also suitable for the hearing impaired. Fifty tablets with subtitling software are available for loan at the box office of the Revolving Theatre.

Egon Schiele, Revolving Theatre Český Krumlov

Programme 2024

1. - 23. 6. 2024
Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen, Olga Šubrtová, Martina Schlegelová
A romantic story from “good old England”

The beautiful and sensible Elinor, and even more beautiful and wild Marianne, two sisters who grew up in luxury in a castle, face a harsh fate after their father’s death. According to ancient laws, their half-brother inherits the property and they (and their mother and their underage sister) must move to a simple village house. Their future is extremely uncertain – who will want to marry the girls without a dowry? Moreover, when both stubbornly long to marry for love?
But gentlemen have already appeared on the scene – the shy and witty Edward, the brave Colonel Brandon, the charming Willoughby and the rich Lord Quido... The magical colour of Jane Austen’s novels comes to life in the castle gardens of Český Krumlov, taking us back two centuries, to the times when stories of great romantic love still existed …

6. 6. – 1. 9. 2024
A complete Czech history

J. Lesák, N. Preslová
A complete guide to the history of our ancestors for children and adults. This is a depiction of the great history of a small nation that has had to fight for its land so many times that even greater nations would have soon given up preferring to be hit by a ball mace. We invite you to set off with us on an expedition through Czech history full of heroic deeds and incredible inventions, the stolen national confidence and a truly huge heap of dead Habsburgs. The Nation to you!

28.6 – 20. 7. 2024
The Wives of Henry the VIII or the Poor (to Be) King

M. Glaser, O. Šubrtová
Comedy about doubles
A Czech comedy about the philandering king Henry VIII, his six wives, the treacherous
counsellor and the king’s double, who did incredible things. The main dual role is played by
Petr Rychlý.

26.7.– 3. 8. 2024
Egon Schiele
Self-Portrait (Premiere)

A dance project combining sound, light, stage, and movement .A young man in long dark trousers, hands in his pockets, a shirt, a tie, patent leather shoes, a scowling expression, bristled hair, expressive eyes, hunched up. Sideways to the mirror. A studio. A big mirror. A long look. Egon Schiele. Self-portrait. A man in the midst of the countryside. A man exploring the boundaries of his self, society, proportions, sexuality, life and death. Egon Schiele, a man, a self-portrait.

23.8. – 8. 9. 2024

B. Stoker, M. Glaser, O. Šubrtová
The undead demon Count Dracula is leaving his castle in Transylvania to widen the range of his activities and to find the woman whose portrait has enchanted him. No one knows who the bewitching stranger is. No one except for Doctor Van Helsing...

9.8. - 18. 8. 2024
Finian´s Rainbow

Burton Lane / V + W / E. Y. Harburg - Fred Saidy
What about saying again: We will also make a family trip to Rainbow Valley in the fictitious American state of Missitucky, the venue of the immortal fairy-tale story of the first overseas musical staged over here in Bohemia?

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