The Late-Gothic castle rises above a rocky hill in the romantic forests near the village of Doupě. It has gone through extensive repairs. So, it will start the 2020 season in all its splendour.
Roštejn was built by the Lords of Hradec in the first half of the 14th century. In the 1570s, Zachariáš of Hradec had the castle rebuilt into a Renaissance hunting lodge with a large game preserve in its surroundings. The castle was then owned by the Slavata family of Košumberk, the Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn family and the Podstatzky-Liechtenstein family. In 1915, the castle burned down. The repairs did not start until 1958. The castle was first opened to the public in 1969. Today, the castle is owned by the Vysočina Region and it is managed by the Vysočina Museum in Jihlava.
The original heptagonal Gothic tower is a dominant feature of the castle. It is 48 metres high, accessible to visitors, and it offers far-reaching views of the countryside.
One of the tours is dedicated to the forest and game keeping. It is not guided. The ingenious projections take visitors along illuminated animal’s footprints and there are animal silhouettes moving on the walls.