Landek Park and Michal Mine in Ostrava

Landek Park and Michal Mine in Ostrava

Be a miner for a day in the largest mining museum

Unique countryside, prehistory and the largest mining museum in the Czech Republic – welcome to Landek Park, where you can be a miner and an archaeologist all over the course of one day.

Going down into the mines will enchant everybody

The whole exhibition of the mining museum is located in the adits of the seam of an actual historical mine called Anselm. The start of the tour is a great experience in itself, when you travel down a mine shaft in a mine cage from the historical building to the mine seams. Although it is only a few metres down, you can try out for yourself how miners feel travelling down into the mine everyday to do their work.

From among the many interesting exhibits, you will certainly above all be captivated by the mine rescue exhibition. You will learn about the high risk work and modern technology, thanks to which the rescue workers are able to move about in an environment which is often more treacherous than the depths of the sea or outer space.

And after the tour, be sure to take a ride on the former mine train that used to carry coal deep underground!

On the way to a mammoth hunt

Landek Peak is also a National Natural Monument and is acknowledged by geologists from all over the world. There are marked nature trails leading here, on which you will learn where archaeologists discovered the torso of a woman 46 mm high, which is known as the Landek Venus. They also discovered that the first demonstrable use of black coal in the world took place here 23 thousand years ago, i.e. at the time of the mammoth hunters.

Michal Mine - The authentic environment of mining life

The Michal Mine allows you to undertake the everyday journey of miners to work, from the changing rooms right to the mining buildings. You will see the authentic equipment, bathrooms for the crews, lamp room, registration room and other equipment. In the second circuit, when the steam machine is also running, you will also see the machine room and the boiler room.