Discover one of the largest landscaped parks in Europe, with an area of 240 hectares, located in the rugged valley of a meandering river. The park is on a UNESCO World Heritage List along with the historical center of nearby Prague.

The Neo-Renaissance castle is only partially open to the public, but it is still possible to admire its beauty, for example, in the Knight's Hall, which is a popular place for wedding ceremonies or in its courtyard. The park itself was founded in 1885 by Count Ernst Emanuel Silva-Tarouca and besides a forest with exotic tree species you will also find large open meadows and alpine flowers in its 40 km of groomed trails are available for visitors for wandering through the park.

A park for all seasons

The Park is an ideal place for relaxation or a romantic stroll. The end of May, when the rhododendrons bloom, is definitely a great time to head to Průhonice Park. However, you can go at any time of year and you will always find something to see. Apart from its artistic and historical value the park is also dendrologically significant, containing about 1,600 species. The collection of rhododendrons, comprising around 8,000 units in 100 species and cultivars, is truly exceptional.

Průhonice park has more than just artistic and historical significance. In recent years, the park has become a haven for numerous plant and animal species. Precious forest and meadow communities are conserved in its territory.