The Prachov Rocks

The Prachov Rocks

A rock town in the heart of Bohemian Paradise

Pristine wilderness and rock formations up to forty metres tall. All of this awaits you at the Prachov Rocks. Set out for shadowy ravines and strolls beneath rocky ledges and along the apexes of sandstone rock formations!  
The most famous place in Bohemian Paradise is, without a doubt, the Prachov Rocks, heaven on earth for sightseers and rock climbers alike. This rock town lies north-east of Prague, near the city of Jičín. A network of marked tourist routes will lead you through ravines, gullies, gorges, and along the tops of sandstone rock formations with lookout points and enchanting alcoves. The most frequented sites include Vyhlídka Českého ráje (Bohemian Paradise Lookout Point), Americká sluj (American Cavern), and Císařská chodba (Imperial Corridor). On hot summer days, tired tourists and their children can cool off in the natural swimming area.

Origins of the rock town

The highly stratified plateau was formed from deposits of sandstone, marlstone, and marlite during the Mesozoic. Small volcanic formations later penetrated the rock, and contributed to the disruption of the integrity of the plateau, which began to erode due to the rain and wind into individual stone blocks, towers, and columns. Today, the Prachov Rocks rock formations reach heights of almost forty metres.

Tips for daytrips

The Velký okruh (Large Loop) will introduce you to numerous interesting sites around the Prachov Rocks, and is the most attractive and most interesting route through the rock massifs. For a less challenging circuit, you can take the shorter Malý okruh (Small Loop), which is just under two kilometres long, and will lead you through the gorgeous surroundings of Císařská chodba, and offers the opportunity to revel in the views of two different lookout points.
The area is also home to two medieval castle ruins and a large number of lookout points. You will be captivated by how the sandstone rock formations rise above the forests, with narrow paths and steep stairways leading between them.

Other places to go

In the summer peak season, you will find a Larchwood gazebo right in the heart of the rock formations, built here by Prachov tea enthusiasts according to Chinese models where tea gazebos for peace and relaxation stood amidst large rock towns. The gazebo bears the name Plující oblaka (Floating Clouds). Service at the gazebo is complemented by cultural events, Tai-Chi classes, meditation sessions, singing, and musical and art projects. If you have a liking for Eastern philosophies, you simply cannot miss out on a visit!