Státní léčebné lázně Janské Lázně s.p. – Vesna Children’s Sanatorium
The Vesna Children’s Sanatorium is located in beautiful and quiet natural surroundings, which lend the sanatorium a decidedly mountainous air. The facility provides spa care to children and adolescents with illnesses of the respiratory tract, nerve illnesses and illnesses of the locomotor system. The sanatorium has 7 wards divided according to age, two rehabilitation departments as well as a primary and nursery school. All components of therapeutic care are provided in the sanatorium building. The balneo operation is divided into two groups according to age and includes a modern thermal pool with a bottom that can be raised. Disabled access and fittings ensure the comfort of children with mobility issues too.


náměstí Svobody 38
542 25 Janské Lázně