The Podyjí National Park extends across Moravia’s thickly wooded southwest. Exceptional scenery, a mosaic of stone amphitheatres and a meandering river attract visitors on outdoor holidays. Popular walking and cycle trips run through an area known for its wine and gherkins, a real treat for the taste buds. Ready to go? Pull on your boots, grab your bike and off we go!

The trail between Znojmo and Šobes is superb for admiring the incredible scenery of the national park. The Hardegg viewing point provides panoramas of the broad valley of the River Dyje.

The longstanding tradition of the Šobes vineyard

Suitable for both walking and cycling, a 27km-long trail begins at the immense Loucký Monastery in Znojmo. Following the River Dyje, head to the Znojmo Reservoir, from where you’ll follow a yellow trail to the Sealsfield Stone. This is a huge rock wall from which you can savour the view of the Dyje valley. The yellow marked trail will then take you to the Šobes wine trail. The long-established vines grow on a rocky island in a meander of the River Dyje. The trail is one of Europe’s best wine-themed walks.

From Šobes back to Znojmo

On the way back to Znojmo visit the former Gruben Mill, from where you can carry on to Havraníky. The Old Vineyard wine trail in Havraníky can boast some unique grape varieties and a tasting kiosk. The dominating feature of the village is the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows. After sampling the wine, just follow the red trail to Popovice, then to Konice and across Mount Kraví, a wooded ridge that links Konice with Znojmo.

What else is there to see?

Nearby lies the Lednice-Valtice Park, the dominant feature of which is the Baroque chateau containing a Chapel and the Church of the Ascension. Pálava is another attractive destination in the region where unique archaeological sites have been discovered. One of the best known is Dolní Věstonice where there is an exhibition on prehistoric mammoth hunters. The town of Mikulov is the place to head to get up to speed with the region’s history.