The Kahan microregion lies in the picturesque landscape of South Moravia. It offers entertainment, adventure, technology and also history. As the very name taken from that of a mining lamp tells us, apart from beautiful natural scenery, the oldest mining belt in the Czech Republic is also to be found in an area with the deepest mine bore in Central Europe. Set out on the path of miners and their gnome helpers in the Kahan microregion, which associates 11 of the most beautiful mining villages in South Moravia.

The Kahan microregion got its name from the lanterns used in the mines. The whole area has been influenced by the famous era of black coal mining, which gave rise to several mine shafts and mining towers spread over the landscape, among which it is above all the Simson and Henry II towers in Zbýšov u Brna which stand out. You can familiarise yourself with the history of mining thanks to the permanent exhibition in the museum located in the beautiful Renaissance Chateau Oslavany or whilst walking or cycling along the gnome trail – the trail of the miners’ helpers, which entertain children and adults alike. You will also get to know the beauty of Moravia in a manner different than if you were to visit wine cellars and can thus boast an original experience when you get home.

Being in Zbýšov is like being in a magical toy shop

Apart from the majestic mining towers rising up above the landscape and the deep mine shafts, Zbýšov u Brna, which is part of the Kahan microregion, also offers a narrow-gauge railway museum, in which children and adults alike will think they are dreaming. This is to say that the renovated historical trains, which were used to transport people and material in the mines, look like oversized toys on first glance. Travel through the fascinating Moravian countryside in authentic little trains and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comfort of a means of transport which could come straight from your childhood dreams.

Set out for Brno, the largest city in Moravia

The most important dominant features of Brno include Špilberk castle and fortress, the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul on Petrov Hill and last but not least, the newly renovated functionalist Villa Tugendhat, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Brno is also a place where international exhibitions and trade fairs are held. Lovers of motor sports should not fail to visit the traditional Grand Prix at the Masaryk Ring.