Off to the Spa Resort in Jeseník for some exercise

Off to the Spa Resort in Jeseník for some exercise

Recharge your batteries with the healthiest air in Europe

The Jeseníky, a region that boasts the cleanest air in Europe, offers countless opportunities to get some exercise. If we add in the lavish range of wellness treatments available at the popular Jeseník Spa Resort, you have a unique cocktail that can’t fail to get you into shape.

Wellness tips

Enjoy treatments to your heart's content! You could try the three-day Strengthening Immunity stay, which, besides accommodation and buffet-style half board, also includes a package of 10 treatments, including the original Priessnitz half-bath.

The Priessnitz Unique Stay introduces you to the Priessnitz principles of a healthy lifestyle as applied to the hectic times we live in today. The Priessnitz Unique Stay combines classic hydrotherapy, active exercise, cooling of the limbs and breathing exercises. Other shorter stays include Mountain Harmony and Relief from Back and Joint Pain.
Wellness stays include a range of optional medical and wellness treatments such as baths, massages, packs, inhalation and more. The treatments are available from Monday to Saturday.

Get yourself moving with some sport

Near the spa there are 60 springs, which are linked by spa trails of varying difficulty. The complex also has an 18-hole adventure golf course, a fitness park, disc golf, a rope centre and children’s playgrounds.
The Jeseníky and Rychlebské Mountains are packed with footpaths and biking trails that are simply perfect for a cycling or hiking holiday. Bikes, e-bikes, mountain scooters, Nordic walking poles and other sports equipment can be rented from the spa itself. And where to go swimming? You could try the Priessnitz Hotel or the nearby Jeseník outdoor pool.

Where to Eat?

For example, Restaurant 1837 in the Priessnitz Sanatorium serves specialities based on old regional recipes, paired with the unique local water, good beer or excellent wines from small Moravian winemakers. Denní bar in the Priessnitz Sanatorium, the Sofie Café and Wiener Kaffeehaus will welcome you with the aroma of delicious coffee you can pair with excellent desserts made by the spa confectioner or with spa wafers.

An Ideal Starting Point for Active Summer Holiday

The Jeseníky Mountains and Rychlebské Mountains are perfect for exploring. You’ll find tourist destinations with an interesting or mysterious history, natural rarities and unique views. You can hike or rent a bike or off-road scooter in a rental shop. For example, ride to the stone Zlatý Chlum Lookout Tower, from which you’ll see all the way to Poland. Or hike to the peak of Šerák where you can have a rest and eat in the 110-year-old mountain chalet known as Chata Jiřího.

If you’re interested in checking out a tertiary underground, visit the Na Pomezí Cave, above the Lipová Spa. You can admire beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations resembling a stone heart or a dog. The Na Špičáku Cave is one of the oldest caves of its kind in Central Europe, with a fascinating Calvary area where passages are in the shape of a heart.

Plenty of Opportunities for Trips

Enjoy some romantic views of the stunning mountain scenery along the mountain railway, the Silesian Semmering from the 19th century. The mountain section goes from Branná through Ostružná all the way to Ramzová, the highest train station in the Jeseníky Mountains. Another attractive destination is the power plant called Dlouhé Stráně, one of the seven wonders of Czechia. It is known as the magic eye of the Jeseníky Mountains. And the top reservoir of the power plant at Mount Mravenečník really looks like that. You can see the medieval mining water mills and a mining settlement with a functional replica of a melting furnace in the Zlatorudné mlýny open-air museum where you can learn all about the history of gold mining in the Jeseníky Mountains.



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