Beskids on cross-country skis

Beskids on cross-country skis

Follow the Beskydská magistrála (meaning Beskids Cross-Country Route) to gastronomic delights

An affirmation that the Beskid Mountains are an ideal destination for winter holidays is the fact that thousands of visitors flock here annually. They come here to conquer the slopes, sample the local specialties, and unwind in the relaxing atmosphere that reigns throughout the region. If that is a combination that appeals to you, grab your cross-country skis and head to north Moravia to enjoy kilometres of groomed trails leading through this beautiful corner of the Czech Republic.

In the Beskids you can choose from two cross-country routes with groomed and marked trails. The first one is the Hostýnská magistrála (meaning Hostýn Cross-Country Route), which meanders through the romantic Hostýn hills. Also offering excellent conditions is the Beskydská magistrála, which takes you to the loveliest spots in the Czech Republic’s largest protected landscape area.

Enjoy an aromatic holiday

You can take the Hostýnská magistrála from Svatý Hostýn, with its famous pilgrimage church, to a place called Lázy. The moderately difficult backbone of the route stretches more than 19 kilometres and intersects with secondary routes in seven places. If you want to get to know the local region using all of your senses, take the turn-off at U Tří kamenů and head to Troják. In the typical Wallachian pub called Hostinec na Trojáku, you can relax over a beer and try the Tvarůžková Bombshell, made with the aromatic ripened cheese from Olomouc. If you enjoy this cheese with anything and everything, you can proudly declare that this region has bewitched your olfactory nerves. You can also venture beyond the cross-county route to discover other regional specialties. For instance, head to the fairy tale town of Štramberk, where you can sample the renowned gingerbread treats known as “Štramberk Ears”. At the popular Na Mlýně restaurant in Kozlovice you can enjoy the local specialty of miller’s style trout. A real rarity is the Pohankový Mlýn in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, where you can try the healthful local products made with buckwheat!

Up to the mountain top!

Whether you are a complete beginner or spend every free winter moment on cross-country skis, you are sure to find a segment of the Beskydská magistrála suited to your skills. You can choose from a total of nine groomed trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty. Your well-waxed skis might take you, for example, to Mosty u Jablůnkova, where you will find plenty of places to eat or relax. Do you prefer the romance of a mountain landscape? If so, set off on the criss-crossing paths of the Těšínské Beskydy, which lead along forest paths with hillside ridges and past typical mountain chalets. If you want to give your body a little workout, head off on the Lysohorská magistrála (meaning Lysá Mountain Cross-Country Route). Your skis will take you to the highest point of the Beskids, the 1,324-metre Lysá Mountain. Although it requires some effort, the beautiful views from here are definitely worth it.

The romance of days gone by

Another popular section of the Beskydská magistrála is near Pustevny. Here, in a beautiful landscape of soaring hills, you will find exquisite wooden buildings in the unique Wallachian Art Nouveau style. Excellent conditions for cross-country skiing are also on offer at the Ostravice sport and recreation complex, whose acclaimed golf course turns into a perfectly groomed cross-country trail in winter. From here, you can enjoy a stunning view of the highest points of the Beskids. However, there are many more groomed trails to be found throughout the mountain range: You need only to look at an orienteering map and choose the one that suits you best.