What you should know about possibilities of using addictive substances in Czechia
Can I have a glass of wine before driving? Where is smoking not allowed in Czechia? And what about marijuana? Below, you will find everything you need to know about using alcohol, tobacco, and other substances in the Czech Republic.

Alcohol, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and nicotine pouches

In Czechia, it is prohibited to serve or sell an alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 18, to sell or serve tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and nicotine pouches to a person under the age of 18.

It is forbidden to smoke and use electronic cigarettes in indoor spaces freely accessible to the public, in transit areas of international airports, on stops, platforms and in waiting rooms of public transport, playgrounds, sports grounds and in other areas specified by law.

In some public spaces, e.g. in the city centre, near cultural objects, etc., the use of alcohol may be prohibited by a public ordinance of the city.

Alcohol and driving in the Czech Republic

It is forbidden to drive under the influence of an addictive substance. The Czech Republic has a zero tolerance for alcohol behind the wheel. Even one beer or glass of wine before driving is too much in Czechia!

Illegal substances (narcotic and psychotropic substances and other drugs)

Czech legislation prohibits the possession of illegal substances or their further handling in any way (production, distribution, transit, import, export, donation, storage...).

Marijuana and cannabis products in Czechia

In Czechia, in many places (smaller shops, vending machines, etc.) you can come across an offer of marijuana and other cannabis products (dry, extract, edible snacks, etc.). These products usually contain the substance CBD and the prohibited substance THC up to 1% of the content, while in the Czech Republic it is possible to sell cannabis and its products with a content of up to 1% of the active substance THC. This is so-called technical cannabis, which has no psychoactive effects.

In the Czech Republic, it is also possible to obtain cannabis for medical purposes with a THC content of more than 1% related to the patient's specific indicated diagnosis.

Even though you can legally buy some products containing up to 1% of THC content in Czechia, their exportation to other countries may be regulated by different legislation. If you plan to continue travelling to other European countries from the Czech Republic, we do not recommend exporting such products emphatically.

Kratom, HHC or THC-P in Czechia

In addition, you can find other substances with psychoactive potential in Czechia. They are currently in the process of risk assessment and regulation or inclusion on the list of prohibited substances. It can be, for example, the substance kratom, products containing HHC or THC-P substances. We do not recommend dealing with these substances in any way, i.e. purchasing, using, distributing, importation etc., or export them from Czechia to other countries where their possession may be a criminal offence.

The most frequently abused illegal substances in the Czech Republic are cannabis products, methamphetamine, cocaine and MDMA, so-called new psychoactive substances are also used, and medicines and psychopharmaceuticals are abused as well.

Bohemian Poppy

Czechs love poppy seeds! You can find plenty of products with them in shops and restaurants, from cakes with poppy seed filling to strudels, pies or buns sprinkled with poppy seeds to potato dumplings or noodles with poppy seeds. You don't need to be afraid of eating them!

Czech poppy seeds are safe to eat

In Czechia, only food varieties of poppy (Czech Blue Poppy) are grown, containing a very small amount of addictive alkaloids. Therefore, the consumption of Czech poppy seeds does not cause any narcotic or psychotropic effect.

Czech poppy - a traditional and healthy delicacy

On the contrary, Czech poppy seeds bring many health and nutritional benefits, especially thanks to the high content of iron, calcium, potassium and other health-promoting elements, vitamins, and substances. Poppy seeds are a traditional delicacy in Czechia that you must try!


The above-mentioned illegal act can be qualified as a misdemeanour or a criminal offense depending on the circumstances and is accordingly adequately sanctioned. Most often, these are misdemeanours. A fine is usually imposed for them. If it is a criminal offense, then an unconditional prison sentence of several months to several years can be imposed.


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This article was created in cooperation with the National Drug Headquarters Criminal Police and Investigation Service.