Summer on Water with Some Adrenaline

Summer on Water with Some Adrenaline

Tips for water fun in the Czech Republic

Summer on Water with Some Adrenaline
A wild ride down a giant water slide, a pirate ship or fun on jet surfs or flyboards. If this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

Swimming with an Octopus, a Pirate Ship and a Wild Ride on Slides!

The largest waterpark in the Czech Republic – Aquapalace Prague – is divided into several palaces. The Adventure Palace has great water slides, including the longest slide in the Czech Republic that will get your heart rate up. You can look forward to a wild river ride, 250 meters long! Children will love the Treasure Palace where they can explore a pirate shipwreck. Warm up in a sauna in the Relaxation Palace or massage your tired muscles in the jacuzzi. You’ll also have a lot of fun at Aqualand Moravia in South Moravia that boasts 28 various water slides, in addition to the saunas, hot tubs and thermal pools! There won’t be a shortage of adventures! Just check out the names of the attractions they have: Kamikaze, Race Race or Wild River. The Babylon Centre in Liberec will draw you into an adventurous story where you will explore the sea bottom and meet an octopus guarding its treasure. Smaller visitors will love the water castle and there are four water slides or an adrenaline space bowl for the courageous. You will also have a great fun at Aquapark Olomouc in Moravia, perfect for small children, which has an interesting 3D maze with air trampolines in the outdoor activity park. Find more tips here.

Laidback Windsurfing in the South Bohemian Sea

The Nové Mlýny water reservoir in South Moravia is one of the most popular places for surfing. You’ll find all the amenities, including rental shops, right on the bank of the reservoir in Pasohlávky. Another water reservoir with excellent conditions is Lipno in South Bohemia, known as the South Bohemian sea as it is the largest water surface in the Czech Republic. The most attractive place for windsurfing is around Černá v Pošumaví where Lipno is the widest and wind the strongest. You will find many rental shops in the region where you can get all the gear, whether for the beginners or experienced surfers. And what about yachting? Besides the already mentioned locations, try the Orlická or Slapská water reservoir. Both have rental shops and schools for beginners and yachters with some experience.

A Crazy Ride High above Water

Both Vrané nad Vltavou and Davle near Prague along River Vltava offer an interesting challenge – leave your fear at home and try the hoverboard and flyboard! You’ll learn to control both the hoverboard and flyboard under the supervision of experienced instructors and then it’s only up to you what crazy adrenaline ride you will try! The board pushed with a jet of water can take you up to five metres above water! You can also visit Wake & Fun in Třeboutice near Litoměřice where enthusiastic athletes can choose from many sports, such as wake surfing, wakeboarding, water ski, Jet surf, paddleboarding and beach volleyball.

A Thousand Ways to Use a Board

Paddleboarding has quickly became popular on Czech water reservoirs and lakes. This new sport can be enjoyed almost everywhere nature permits. For example, at the East Bohemian Seč water reservoir or the Brno reservoir. And you can even do some yoga after paddleboarding. Can you manage?

One of the few water sports you cannot do in nature in the Czech Republic is surfing in the sea. However, you can at least give it a try under the roof! Learn everything you need or catch a wave in the Surf Arena in Prague, even though the ocean is far.

Night Rafting on River Vltava – An Adventure to Remember!

Navigating rivers and spending time together is a popular pastime of Czech families and groups of friends. So why not giving it a try? For example, River Vltava provides ideal conditions for everyone in South Bohemia around Český Krumlov. The night rafting through Český Krumlov is definitely worth a try! Enjoy the ambience of the moonlit town and its sights. Such adventures are to be remembered forever!