Water is life! And water sports are a pleasure

Water is life! And water sports are a pleasure


Water is life! And water sports are a pleasure
The number-one activity for getting refreshed during a hot day? A water splashing battle! Recommended by ten out of ten local guides. Active holiday or a spa break? Have both at once.

Canoeing and rafting

Czech rivers and bodies of water provide the perfect opportunity for some fun on the water and some adrenaline-fuelled water sports.  What’s more, Czech rivers will take you on a tour of breathtaking naturephotogenic monuments and picturesque historical towns.

The Queen of all Czech rivers, the Vltava, which flows through Prague, the city of a hundred spires, the wild Jizera, which feeds the Jizera Mountains, the Sázava, the Mecca of Czech rafters, or the majestic Elbe, with cycle-routes leading along it. You can also combine water sports with cycling or hiking.

Paddleboarding and standup paddleboarding

Paddleboarding, like standup paddleboarding, is quickly gaining popularity on Czech water reservoirs and lakes. The trendy, but also physically quite demanding activity of paddleboarding can also be enjoyed on the Vltava River right in the middle of the historic centre of Prague. You can also try this sport by the romantic town of Litoměřice in Třeboutice. This is also where sports enthusiasts will find wake surfing, wakeboarding or water skis.

A short distance away from the historic city of Plzeň you will find beautiful countryside surrounding the Velký Bolevecký Pond, which offers various summer pastimes, including paddleboarding. A very popular destination often visited by Prague residents is Mácha Lake with its many beaches and water diversions. You can hire boats, paddleboards, and even enjoy a trip around the lake on a sight-seeing boat there.

Surfing in Prague? It’s actually possible

Yes, it’s true! In the middle of a city without a sea, but with the magnificent Vltava River, you can surf on a river wave and enjoy the white water at the white water centre on Štvanice Island, all not far from Prague Castle.

Night rafting and yachting

One rafting recommendation for everyone: night rafting in the middle of the gem of South Bohemia, and a registered UNESCO heritage site - Český Krumlov. This is an adventure under the light of the moon, which you can enjoy with your family or a group of friends.

Yachting enthusiasts or fans of rafting and boating will be sure to appreciate the facilities ready for them by large bodies of water in Czechia, by natural lakes or reservoirs. Try the Lipno Reservoir in the South-West, which is the biggest body of water in Czechia and is located next to the border with Austria and within sight of Šumava National Park. Slapy, lakes in the north of Czechia, which were created from flooded mines and the Orlice Reservoir are also excellent.

In the wine-making region of Pálava, you will find Nové Mlýny, a system of three reservoirs. You can try windsurfing there, among other activities. You will also enjoy water sports to the full by the second biggest city in Czechia on the Brno Reservoir by the historic city of Brno.

And finally, something relaxing for everyone who wants to enjoy some fun on the water, in peace and without any effort, because a little relaxation certainly won’t hurt anyone. You can take a sight-seeing boat along the Vltava River or even along the Elbe, you can set out to South Bohemia to admire the beauties of the ponds in the Třeboň Region or, a short distance from Zlín, you can enjoy a ride along the Baťa Canal, a unique water route through South Moravia.

But the best ending to a day full of adventures on the water is to relax at one of the many wellness resorts in Czechia: