Cycling experiences

Cycling experiences


Pro athletes might typically finish their training at a SPA. In Czechia, however, your entire training can be a spa session. Active holiday or a spa break? Have both at once.

The cycling heart of Europe!

This is cycling Czechia. Excellent routes for cyclists of all levels. Fans of long-distance cycling, easy cycle tourism, road racers hungry for a yellow jersey and trippers with children, will all find something suitable. There is a premium dense network of sign-posted cycle-routes, including attractive river routes, EuroVelo long-distance routes and various thematic routes for everyone. That is how you can enjoy the best cycling trips in the heart of Europe and discover a country where cyclists are welcome!

So step into the pedals and you will see a romantic landscape, wide rivers, hilly highlands, châteaux, castles and vineyards unfold before you. There are so many tourist destinations that everyone will be able to pick something that suits them. Including services for cyclists with Cyclists Welcome certification. 

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The Elbe Route, the cycle routes along the Ohře River, along the Vltava River in the capital city of Prague, which affords fascinating views of Prague Castle , the Zoo or the National Theatre , or along the Bečva River are all very popular. One of the routes will lead you on your bike into the wine-making region.

Eurovelo & Greenways

You will find 17 international long-distance cycle routes of a total length of over 90,000 km in Czechia. Four EuroVelo cycle routes (4, 7, 9 and 13) intersect Czechia. They all lead you on a tour of attractive places, including monuments of worldwide renown. You should definitely try EuroVelo 13the Iron Curtain Route, which leads along the site of the former Iron Curtain, alternately on Czech, Bavarian and Austrian territory, as well as Eurovelo 9the Amber Route in Moravia, which leads from the Baltic in the north of Europe to the Adriatic Sea in the south. This was known as an important route along which rare amber was transported in ancient times.

In Czechia, you can enjoy the mountainous regions near the Moravian Jeseník Mountains, and the route through the Moravian Karst with the deepest gorge in Central Europe, Macocha Cave, is also a unique experience. Romantic Mikulov surrounded by vineyards and the Lednice-Valtice Chateau Complex, which is a UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage site, are both magnificent.

Greenway Prague - Vienna and the main Greenway Jizera cycle route, which leads through the Jizera Mountains , along the Jizera River, through the majestic Krkonoše Mountains, the Bohemian Paradise and the Elbe Region are the best of the so-called green routes.

A romantic experience on the ferry

Cycle tourism is environmentally friendly, which is why it should be combined with public transport. Most long-distance cycle-routes in Czechia are well-connected to the railway, which allows you to transport your bike. You can also use the special cycle buses. Ferries or sight-seeing boats are also suitable supplementary transportation. For example, there are several regular river boat lines offering the option of bike transportation in operation on the Elbe.

Bike hire services

If you don’t have your own bike - no matter. There are a number bike hire services offering various types of bicycles, including electric bikes, in Czechia. The ČD Bike Hire Service at selected railway stations, is available nationwide.

Something for racers

And if you are in a competitive mood or enjoy watching cycle races, then the Czech Tour Race, the biggest stage race in Czechia, with first-class Czech and world riders taking part, will take place from 25 to 28 July 2024. You can also experience the ambiance of the “Old Lady”, in Czechia. This is a cycle race for the public under the name of L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France. It begins in Prague and the longest stage is just under 131 km, with over 1,900 metres of ascent. A real “classic” stage, which offers the best of the mysterious forests and river valleys.

Some rest after all your efforts!

Czechia is not just a paradise for cyclists, athletes and loafers in the saddle. After some physical exertion you can rest and relax you muscles at one of the many wellness and spa facilities throughout the country. So make sure you view our recommendations!

Selection of wellness and spa resorts in Czechia: