The Krkonoše National Park is one of the most valuable natural areas in all of Central Europe. The highest Czech mountain range, it is a unique mosaic of ecosystems which have remained here as a reminder of the ancient glacial past. Come explore this wonderful landscape with high mountain slopes, flat ridges, alpine meadows with colourful wildflowers, and mysterious moorlands, all presided over by the “Czech Matterhorn” – the highest Czech mountain Sněžka. Awaiting you is a terrific trip to an unspoilt landscape full of distant views, steep climbs, and also perfectly marked hiking trails of all difficulty levels.

Because of its uniqueness, the northernmost mountain range in Central Europe was declared a national park in 1963. Its administrative offices are located in Vrchlabí, where in the beautiful rooms of an Augustinian monastery and in four historical houses on the town square of náměstí Míru the Krkonoše Museum can also be found. The uniqueness of the local landscape is important even on a global level, which led to the Krkonoše being included on the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves.

See the snow map of the Czech Republic

Where is the best place to get acquainted with the beauty of the Krkonoše National Park and at the same time see its most valuable sites? Perhaps along the marked trail of Obří důl to Sněžka. This route is demanding, but the wonderful vistas of the expansive alpine landscape definitely make the effort worthwhile. Reward yourself with the impressive view into the depths of the Obří důl Valley before climbing the highest Czech mountain, from where you can see almost half of Bohemia. Would you like to experience for yourself one of the unique sights of the Krkonoše Mountains? Then go to Studniční Mountain, on whose southern slope you will find the so-called Map of the Republic. It is a place where in the middle of green meadows and dwarf pine forests lies a field of snow. As the snow in the valley melts, its shape gradually changes into a map of the Czech Republic. Sometimes it happens in the Krkonoše that a 5m snowbank never completely melts, so don’t forget to take warm clothing – it has one of the harshest climates in Europe. Are you yearning for a quiet stroll away from the main tourist destinations? Then set off on the Rychory nature trail. Beautiful views and unspoilt nature await you there, as they also do on the trails called Červenohorské rašeliniště (Red Mountain Peat Moor) and Čertův důl (Devil’s Valley). And leaving from Horní Mísečky you can follow a marked hiking trail all the way to the source of the Elbe River.

The highest Czech waterfall will enchant you

Do you like to hike along mountain ridges and take in the fantastic views? Then lace up some sturdy shoes and set off on the Path of Czech-Polish Friendship, which follows the border between the two countries. Awaiting you there are the deep gorges of Sněžné jamy (Snowy Hollow), magical mountain peat moors, and blossoming meadows full of beautiful mountain wildflowers. Do you know where to find the spring of one of the biggest Czech rivers? You can go the source of the Elbe River itself via a popular hiking route leading to the Labský důl Valley. Along the way you will see stunning views of the Pančavský Waterfall, the highest falls in the Czech Republic. Its waters plummet into the valley from a height of up to 250 metres. It is an impressive theatrical show which few would expect to see in Central Europe.

An invitation from Mother Nature

Anyone who appreciates beautiful nature, clean air in their lungs, and active movement will feel as if they’re in paradise in the Krkonoše Mountains. The possibilities for excursions, crossings and climbs are simply unlimited. Just choose one of the many starting points, such as Špindlerův Mlýn, which is perhaps the most famous Czech winter resort and in summer serves as a great entry point for exploring the Krkonoše National Park. Marked hiking and cycling trails also lead from Harrachov, Pec pod Sněžkou and the spa town Janské lázně, where you can ride the cableway to the top of Černá hora (Black Mountain) and enjoy stunning views of the Krkonoše panorama. You will go to places where nature is at home and we are merely its transient guests!