Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa, Prague

Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa, Prague

Unique, exclusive accommodation in a marvellous historic building in the Prague Lesser Quarter is offered at the Alchymist Grand Hotel &Spa.

Giorgio Bonelli understood that many visitors to Prague appreciated accommodation with something different to offer than a ‘normal’ hotel, even if it’s five-star.

So he opened his own hotel in the Lesser Quarter for guests who appreciate the unification of history, romance, culture and individual services of the highest quality under one roof. The Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa is based in a carefully restored  15th-century building with the somewhat enigmatic name of ‘The Turk’s Head’. The hotel has eight picturesque rooms full of original decorations, a music salon, salon with an open fire, library, spa and personal room service.


Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa
Tržiště 19
118 00 Praha 1