Is Prague your goal and you like in-line skating? Then we have two great tips for you. One is the skating track running along the Vltava from the Dancing House in Modřany and another around the old homestead of Ladronka between Břevnov and Motol.

In all weather: cycling, in-line skating and skiing

The nearly two-kilometer skating circuit on a slightly dissected plain starts over Strahov Stadium and ends near Hvězda Reserve. The skating circuit is 4229.5 meters long, which is a tenth of a marathon, and it can also be used for bike riding and cross-country skiing – only 10 cm of snow is enough!

In addition to being a location away from the bustle of a big city, it offers fantastic views of Motol and the Prokop Valley and artificial lighting along the track make it possible to use it during evenings and at night. If Landronka is too small for you, a barrier-free underpass will get you to a smaller 300-meter circuit at the Vypich shopping center and a bit farther down is the vast Hvězda Reserve.

Ladronka hundreds of years ago and now

Like Betramka, and combined with the work of composer W.A. Mozart, the Baroque Portheimka in Smíchov or Gröbovka with vineyard and gazebo in Vinohrady, Ladronka is also an old homestead, several hundred of which used to be around Prague. They recall the former suburban settlements and today often only their names have been preserved. There were once vineyards in Ladronka and a travel inn stood there until the 19th century. Now you will find a gourmet and grill-barbecue restaurant; you can also bowl, play petanque, beach volleyball, beach soccer or use the summer pavilions for in-line skaters. The Ladronka homestead and its surroundings is simply a wonderful place to meet, do sports and have fun!