Lindner Hotel Prague Castle
Touch the history in the 4-star Lindner Hotel, situated in a building from the 16th century on the grounds of the historical monastery just a few meters from Prague Castle! What's more, you can feel good about traveling sustainably - the hotel has been awarded the Green Sign sustainability certificate.

You will enjoy not only the atmosphere of the historic rooms but also the breathtaking views and the unrepeatable genius loci of Strahov Monastery just a few steps from the largest castle in the world - Prague Castle, the Charles bridge, and the "Prague Eiffel Tower".

Moreover, the hotel cares about the environment. They are careful about the amount of carbon emissions, water consumption, and waste management. Thanks to these three pillars, the hotel has been certified GreenSign LEVEL 4 (from max. 5 levels!)


Lindner Hotel Prague Castle
Strahovská 128/20
118 00 Praha 1 - Hradčany