Rychlebské stezky

Rychlebské stezky

Thrilling rides along trails in the Rychlebské Mountains

Do you like exhilarating bike rides through awe-inspiring landscapes? If so, head for the Jeseníky Mountains where some superb trails await in the Rychlebské range. The aim of riding these routes isn’t to travel as far as possible or clock up the most kilometres, but to enjoy a great day’s mountain biking and see the wonderful surroundings of the Rychlebské Mountains with their thick beech woods, mountain brooks, flooded quarries and huge granite boulders.

So how did these trails in the Rychlebské Mountains appear? Basically by recreating historical hunting trails in the unique landscape of Sokolí Peak. They offer an exciting experience over 60km, beginning and ending in Černá Voda. However, you won’t be pedalling from one point to the next – you can have a great day in the saddle by tackling several interlinking circular routes.

Varied terrain

The Rychlebské trails run through scree fields and across fords, sometimes they’re just a faint groove in the mud, in other places built of stone slabs. This gives you a unique chance to try out several different riding surfaces in one location. A new feature for 2012 is a newly opened section running through some great rocky terrain. The Rychlebské trails have also been designed with less experienced mountain bikers in mind, with easier routes available.

Don’t forget you map!

Visit the seasonal Information centre dedicated to the Rychlebské trails, where you should pick up a map showing the trails. Here you’ll also find a Cyklopoint shop and a Test Centre for Merida bikes with full suspension, including a cycle and equipment hire centre, and a service area. The centre is located in Černá Voda.

For professionals and novices

So which of the trails should you try? You could have a go at the 21km trail below Sokolí Peak designed for more technically adroit riders, with a change in altitude of 470m. If you prefer easier terrain, launch your two wheels along Černý Stream. The route is 16km long and climbs a mere 80m. Along the way you’ll pass many wonderful views. In short the Rychlebské trails have something for everyone!