How to get around Czechia sustainably
One of the most important aspects of sustainable travel is the way we get around. Did you know that transport is responsible for almost 3/4 of the CO2 emissions from tourism itself? And travelling - not only for holidays but also for work - produces more than 20 % of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Travelling around Czechia respectfully to both environment and locals is a doddle! Sustainable mobility is safe, affordable, efficient, and ultimately minimizes our carbon footprint as we move from place to place.

Walk It Off

You probably don't need any advice on walking. Maybe it's just good to know that in Czechia we pay attention to crossing the street at pedestrian crossings, we respect green and red traffic lights, and we walk on pavements. Should you happen to have to walk on the carriageway (for example, on a trip out of town), walk on the left side.

Spin It, Share It

If you are going to one of the Czech cities, try bike sharing! The network of automated urban bike rental is extensive in Czechia. Most major Czech cities already offer the possibility to rent a bike for a few crowns via mobile phone. In addition to burning calories and enjoying a Czech dessert without regret, you will also save the stress of finding a suitable parking space. You can leave your shared bikes at any of the many designated places.

Travel with Locals

The most convenient and fastest option to get around is a combination of bike sharing and public transport. There are many advantages to taking public transport. It generates less greenhouse gas than private car transport and does not contribute as much to traffic congestion. Metro, trams and trains tend to be more environmentally friendly than buses. However, the final choice is yours. We even have a ferry and funicular in Prague!

Pedal to the Metal

And if you really can't do anything else and just have to go by car, rent an electric one. Most car rental companies in the Czech Republic now offer electric cars and charging stations are springing up like mushrooms after rain. Even hotels are now offering electric car charging services. In addition, by going electric you save not only the environment but also your wallet.