Monastery breweries are well worth a visit

Monastery breweries are well worth a visit

Břevnov Monastery in Prague: where the first Czech hopped beverage was brewed

Monastery breweries are well worth a visit
There are sights that offer more entertainment than "just" a cultural experience. Here in Czechia we have several monasteries where the excellent golden nectar is still brewed from hops and where you can taste local specialties along with a guided tour. So join us on a great excursion. Including Žatec and the Landscape of Saaz Hops, listed by UNESCO.

Želiv Monastery on the trail of Santini

In this unique brewery in the grounds of the Želiv Premonstratensian monastery,  beer has been brewed by the monks themselves since the 13th century. The monastic tradition is also evident in the fact that these delicious liquid specialties are named after famous local abbots.

As well as tours, the brewery also offers weekend workshops, while the vast Baroque site includes a hotel and a restaurant. Želiv can be found in the very heart of Vysočina region. It is also fascinating for the story of the architect Jan Blazej Santini, who rebuilt the important Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary after a major fire.

Břevnov Monastery: the place where the first Czech liquid gold was brewed

This is certainly the place to go in Prague. One of the top 10 oldest breweries in the world can be found in Prague, in Břevnov Monastery, the oldest monastery in Bohemia. In fact, the very first written record of beer brewing in Czechia refers to this monastery! The brewery is located in a beautiful Baroque building, formerly a stable. The brewery makes as many as 20 different types of beer a year, 6 of which are brewed every year. It is well worth a visit to the whole place!

Strahov Monastery Brewery 

If you love golden nectar made from hops, your stroll through Prague won’t be complete without a visit to the Strahov Brewery and a glass of the renowned yeast speciality. Strahov Brewery is within easy reach, just a few steps from Prague Castle, tucked away in the lovely historical Strahov Monastery.

Renaissance Lobeč - Europa Nostra Awards 2023

North of the town of Mělník, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the confluence of the mighty Vltava and Elbe rivers, there is a unique steam-engine brewery with a history dating back to the 16th century. In 2023 it won the prestigious Europa Nostra Awards 2023 for its outstanding achievements in the cultural heritage and traditions of Europe. You can also stay over in the tastefully refurbished premises.  

Svijany Brewery - château brewery 

Brewery Map

It all started as a mediaeval fortress with a small brewery. Today, unpasteurized Svijany beer is sold far beyond Czechia’s borders. Try Svijany lagers as well as dark and special beers in the brewery's restaurant and shop! Enhance your beer experience with a tour of the local château or really live it up with a visit to the beer spa. You can also visit the local brewery festivities held close by every year in Svijanský Újezd or the nearby city of Liberec.

Dětenice - mediaeval hotel

The first records of beer brewing in Dětenice date back to 1307, and its owners, whether they were the House of families Clam-Gallas, the Maltese knights or industrial tycoons, were responsible for bringing it in line with the modern age. The brewery offers a tour of its period interiors and you can also explore its historical cellars. However, the main attraction of the tour is the demonstration of how Dětenice beer from the 18th century is brewed entirely according to the original formula using traditional ingredients. Dětenice lies in the picturesque Bohemian Paradise, about an hour’s drive from Prague.

Žatec and the Landscape of Saaz Hops

And finally, one interesting fact that has made Czechia famous all over the world. Žatec hops. The historical centre of Žatec and its hop-growing landscape are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can visit the Temple of Hops and Beer, the Hop Museum, the Brewing Museum, and two craft breweries. And for those who fancy something alcohol-free, we can recommend the excellent hop lemonade.

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