Chyše Chateau and Brewery
Visit the castle that the famous writer Karel Čapek, who gave the world the word "robot", wrote about in his works Krakatit and The Makropulos Case! Explore the palace's interiors, an exhibition dedicated to Karel Čapek, and the vast park. And in the chateau brewery, taste beer brewed according to the old Bohemian recipe.

The tour of Chyše Castle offers access to its remarkable interiors and an exhibition showcasing Karel Čapek's stay the chateau. The tour includes the most artistically and architecturally valuable rooms, predominantly furnished in the Baroque style.

An interesting aspect of the castle's history is Karel Čapek's (Czech renowned writer, author of e.g. the sci-fi play R.U.R. which introduced the word "robot") tenure as a private tutor here in 1917. Today, visitors are drawn to the castle primarily because of this his, as many of Čapek's works were influenced by Chyše.

The tour also includes intriguing historical aspects of the chateau, such as tales of the Lobkowicz treasure and the legend of a noblewoman's immortal soul wandering the castle.

Don't miss the chance to visit the historical interiors of the castle brewery, where you'll be greeted by a stylish restaurant and traditional pub. Experience the delights of beer cuisine and, most importantly, savor Chyše beer brewed according to ancient Bohemian recipes.